Sunday, December 4, 2016

It's Everybody Reads YA Sunday - A Float Down the Canal!

A Float Down the Canal

A sweet story of puppy love where the underdog finally wins!!!

Twelve-year old Pam Simpson gets dumped on when her mother is called into work. She must cancel her plans for the mall to baby-sit her younger brother and his friend and take them to the public pool.  To make matters worse her cousin, Candy, is also coming over for the day.  She doesn’t even like Candy!

Much to Candy’s dismay, transportation to the pool is on inner tubes, floating down the canal.  One thing leads to another and it is Pam who, once again, must save the day.

When things couldn’t seem worse, the day takes a drastic turn for the better and it is Candy, and the float down the canal, that makes this the best day of Pam’s life!

It was July 24, and at 10:30 in the morning in Phoenix, AZ, a record was being broken as
one of the hottest days of 1967.  The temperature outside had nothing on Pam Simpson’s temper as she fought with her mom on the phone.  “Are you serious?  I have already had to give up my...but you said...fine.  Yes Mother,” Pam said, teeth clenched.  Just because her mom was called into work, she had to cancel her plans with her friends. She was supposed to be going to the mall.  Tommy Thompson was supposed to be going to the mall! Now she had to watch her ten-year-old brother and his friend.

“Another thing,” her mother continued, “Aunt Sherri is dropping Candy off to spend the day with you guys.”

            “What?” Pam exploded.  She must have misunderstood her mom.  “You know we don’t even like each other!”

            “Pam, don’t be like that.  Candy likes you very much. It’s you that has an attitude about her.  She doesn’t have many friends and I thought you could all go to the pool.”

            “Yes, thank goodness Pam is around to help entertain,” she thought as she hung up the phone.  She actually wanted to put the phone through the wall.  She was having a real pity party for herself.  The worst part was she never fought with her mom.  She was her best friend.  What a lousy day!

            Candy!  What kind of name was that anyway? Both girls were twelve years old.  Pam had thin brown hair, that didn’t have an ounce of curl, and it hung limp and lifeless just below her chin. She was also, what some might call thick, or chunky.  Her nickname at school was Champ, given to her because she was the softball throw champion of the district.

Then there was Candy.  She had thick, blonde, bouncy curls that hung down the middle of her back.  She was slender, and though most of Pam’s friends were wearing bras, Candy actually needed to wear one!  Plus her “helpless” act always made Pam want to throw up.

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Friday, December 2, 2016

A Carol Plays by Kari Trumbo and four others in this Christmas Anthology

Christmas Is In the Air

It’s a Christmas sugarplum celebration! Christmas in Cutter’s Creek means a Christmas social; sugarplum contest, dancing, a dash of mayhem and a heaping helping of romance.

 First off is Kit Morgan’s Recipe for Christmas. This novella is set in 1866 and is the very first Cutter’s Creek Christmas social, and so much mischief happens, it’s a wonder they had another! 
Lucius Judrow from Love is Blind has a brother and he’s on his way to Cutter’s Creek. Come see who Eldon meets in this hilarious and sweet romance!

The next is Vivi Holt’s Seasons of Love. It takes place in 1872. The social has changed just a bit. You’d think they’d learned with all the trouble, but no, the social is more fun than trouble. Margaret is a lonely school teacher from the East looking for a little love and adventure. She finds just that and a whole lot more in this sweet Christmas romance!

Third Christmas novella is just a few years later and the social has changed yet again, to a cider competition! The contestants get a little rowdy and words are said that might ruin Christmas! Felicity will need special help to solve this mess. Find out more in Annie Boone’s Christmas Spirit.

The fourth and final Christmas novella takes place in 1892 and rumors of Christmas social’s past dominate the festivities. Carol needs to find a husband and the new doctor in town provides a great opportunity. A snowball fight leads to romance in Kari Trumbo’s A Carol Plays.

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A Carol Plays  by  Kari Trumbo

His back was so broad and his movements so sure. She scooped a handful of thick heavy snow into her hand, forming it into a ball. As he grabbed for his mitts she launched her snowball at his wide back, hitting him between the shoulder blades. She turned and rushed on her way.

A snow clod landed at her feet exploding between her shoes. She danced away from the flying bits and turned, grinning at him. “You missed!” She laughed then shrieked as another ball hit her in the shoulder.

The snow was deep enough she didn’t have to lean far for another scoop of snow. She formed it in her hands calculating her next toss.

Dr. Gentry held up his hands. “White flag!” He smiled.

She lobbed it at his stomach. “I didn’t see a flag with all this snow.”

He slid to the side avoiding the snow bomb. His intense eyes took her in as he walked slowly for her, forgetting the shovel. He stopped right in front of her. The passion in his gaze stopped her and she backed a step away. He gazed down into her eyes then down to her lips. She gasped and glanced away.

“We should get you to the chapel.” His voice rumbled between them and he touched her elbow.
Her heart tripped over itself as she backed another step from him. “I’m sure I can get there.” She turned and his grip grew tighter. She couldn’t leave, but part of her didn’t want to. Part of her wished they weren’t standing out in the street in front of everyone.

“I know you can get there, but let me be the gentleman I’m expected to be and take you there.”

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Mary Marvella and her THREE Christmas Tales!

Christmas Is In the Air

Matt's Christmas Angel A short story in THE ANTHOLOGY A STONE MOUNTAIN CHRISTMAS and a single short story     Heartwarming Romance 

Best friends fall in love while doing their Christmas good deeds. They've been doing their own version of the 12 days of Christmas since they were kids. Now they are adults and she's his Christmas Angel.  


Sleep captured Gwen in its gentle arms and eased her into her fondest memory. She was three years old and playing in her sandbox, the one mama said had been hers once upon a time. A child she’d never seen walked up to her sandbox and stood, staring at her.
“You Gwen?” The boy's face puckered up in a frown.
Gwen nodded slowly. “Uh huh. Who are you?”
The boy looked bigger than she was and real skinny. His glasses made him look like an owl. He carried a pail and a shovel. He had light, short hair.
“Matthew Henry Simmons,” he said. He must be serious about the long name, because he wasn’t smiling.
“This is my sandbox. Wanna play?”
“Sure.” He still didn’t smile.
 Gwen grinned when she thought about his red plastic bucket and shovel. She remembered the gentleness of five-year old Matt. He had been her playmate ever since. That Christmas he had told her about the Twelve Days of Christmas song he’d learned in kindergarten. He’d also taught her to count to one hundred.

The Christmas Promise  

The Christmas Promise is a short story about a woman whose husband was abusive. She and her college-aged kids must face their first Christmas together since she charged their father with assault and had him arrested. What will Christmas have in store for them? 

Christmas's Best Bet, Humble Pie   

When Brock, a wealthy lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia, loses a bet with his partners, he must take up the challenge to get a job in a Waffle House and work there after office hours in their law firm for a month. 

He has never worked so hard or learned so much about people. During that month he learns humility and caring and paying it forward

This novella has loads of southern flavor.

I’m a story-holic.  Yep, I have loved to read since the first grade. I has been a storyteller for as long as I can remember.  The stories I made up for the other children and the details I  created the details for their “play like” or “let’s pretend” games. Sometimes the details were so real they scared me
 I taught language arts for 15 years, perfect for my BA in English.  My M.Ed in Counseling served me well during my years as a school counselor and as a teacher later.
Now I tutor, teach writers, and edit. My inner English teacher loves the editing part. My daughter doesn’t read my books (something about TMI.) I have a 43 year old daughter and I live north of Atlanta, Georgia.  I have published 6 novels, three, novellas and seven short stories.