Monday, December 3, 2018

The Gift of Imagination........

How many times have you given your children, nieces or nephews, grandchildren, or any other child in your life, toys for Christmas that ended up thrown in the corner within the week?

This Christmas, why not buy them a gift that can last forever.   A picture book that you can share with them or they can read by themselves.

Below are a few stories that will let your child's imagination soar.

Have You Seen My Tail? is a story about little Sammy bear who wants to tag along with Tommy, his older brother.  Tommy tells him he has lost his tail and he better go find it before Mommy bear finds out. Sammy runs through the woods asking some of the animals for their help.  Unfortunately they haven’t seen the lost tail, but they all invite him to stay and have a bite to eat.  As it turns out every snack that is offered is his absolute favorite. 

The sun is setting and Sammy is still in the woods.  Who will help him find his tail so he can go home?

Not only is this a great story for parents and children to read together, but at the end of Have You Seen My Tail?  are four of Sammy’s favorite “Bug” recipes.  Fool your friends or enjoy with the entire family.

The City of Ho Hum is a magical place. Only the luckiest of children are able to find their way to Ho Hum. Will you be one of the lucky ones? The things you see will make your eyes POP! Take your own trip to Ho Hum and have the adventure of a lifetime! Shut your eyes, take a deep breath, open this book, and you are on your way!

Five-year old Ethan is in Ms. Johnson’s Kindergarten class.  He is new to the school and has not made any friends. 

Ethan and Timmy, a boy in his class, get in a fight over a soccer ball and both boys are sent to talk to the principal, Mr. Glumb.

There are stories about this principal – scary stories!  Are they true?  Ethan and Timmy are about to find out!

Barbara Poor's Books!

Madeleine McLaughlin's Books

Madeleine McLaughlin is a writer living in Ottawa. She also writes middle-grade and horror. One MG was a finalist in the Wishing Shelf Book Awards, while The Devil' Witches was a silver award winner in Dan Poynter's Global E-book Awards.

My picture books are meant to amuse and entertain.

 Elizabeth Eichelberger

The illustrator for most of these stories is the extremely talented, Elizabeth Eichelberger! It has been an amazing journey working with this wonderful artist!  Take a look at what she has to offer.

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