Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Facts About Ghost Writing from Karen Cole

Ghost Writing is for Everyone
By Karen Cole

A lot of people seem to think that there is something wrong with ghost writing. They believe that to hire a ghost writer is to do something immoral or illegal, and that the client hiring the ghost writer isn’t really writing their own book, screenplay, rap music or whatever. This is simply not true.
When you hire a ghost writer, you are making an arrangement for a professional writer to work on and complete your writing project. It’s still your own work, and the ghost writer usually signs over all copyrights to it. The basic idea is that the work belongs to the client, and you are simply hiring someone to assist you in the mechanical act of writing or creating the project. It’s a lot like owning a car and hiring someone to work on it for you; there’s nothing immoral or illegal about it.
Also, a lot of people seem to think that ghost writers are only for celebrities, politicians to write their speeches, or people with tons of money to spend. This is also simply untrue! Ghost writers work for all different kinds of payments, including shared credit for their work and net percentages, to make it easier for their ghost writing clients to pay for the work. Most ghost writers tend to charge in upfront installment payments, and you can stretch the payments out over a great length of time if needed.
So there are always payment options. And our own ghost writing service tends to charge less than many other such services, for example. You can get a decent job of ghost writing done for anywhere from $2,000 USD to $30,000 USD, in an affordable price range that suits your own circumstances and budget. This is not to say you should always pay cheaply for ghost writing – it’s a matter of getting what you pay for – but you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get good, efficient ghost writing in many cases. Just don’t go to the bidding services, as they usually feature low quality ghost writing; go to ghost writing service websites and hire them directly from there.
Also, ghost writers are not limited to celebrity or political writing; they can write about pretty much any topic whatsoever. Some ghost writers are especially expert at doing research, so they don’t need to know that much about a particular topic in order to write about it expertly. Over the years, I have written in depth about subjects as diverse as English horse racing, the Holocaust, educating Russian school children, throwing house parties, how Dr. King was assassinated, Martian science fiction, Christianity and how it relates to martial arts, etc. etc. etc.
So you don’t have to have only well-known topics, be a celebrity or be doing something wrong or illegal to hire a ghost writer to help you work on your beloved book, screenplay, biography, memoir or other work. It’s really common practice nowadays, and a good ghost writer can really help you create the best and most professional job out of your work, making it read in a saleable and marketable manner. Many ghost writers can even assist you with getting your work optioned or published, and sold to a wide market as well. You should go ahead and hire a ghost writer today!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ella James stops by and teases with a blurb from Chosen

Here's the blurb:
Julia has been chosen. While at the Stained compound, she was tapped as The One to win the war against the Nephilim and leashed with an illness that worsens each day she is away from The Three - and her destiny. Determined not to return to the frightening Chosen leaders and desperate to escape her fate, Julia and her friends journey to the Swiss Alps, home of a rogue Chosen clan.

In this snowy haven, all hell breaks loose. Someone is traitor. Someone changes sides. Someone is dragged to Hades. A new romance blossoms. An old romance is damned. And The Three will stop at nothing to recover the weapon that will help them regain power.

Find Ella James and her books on the following links~

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Andrea Buginsky Comes Calling

Hi and thanks for visiting with me @ Penny’s Tales. 
  1. Tell us all about Andrea.
I’m a writer, a dreamer, and a fighter. I grew up with heart disease, which I think has made me stronger. I’ve loved writing all my life, and turned it into a career in college. I’ve been freelance writing for several years now. A few years ago, when I decided to try my hand at writing stories for children, I came up with the idea for “The Chosen,” and now I have three books published.

  1. Give us the low-down on your story.
The Chosen is comprised of a group of six warriors who each have a roll in their group. They are sent on quests by the Queen of their land to save their world, Phantasma, from evil-doers. In the second book, “Nature’s Unbalance,” there’s a foe attacking Nature herself, and The Chosen must defend her before their world is destroyed.

  1. How did you come up with the idea for your story?
I don’t really remember. I knew I wanted to write more in the series after the first book, so I just started writing the beginning with an event I wanted to write about. At this event, things started happening that alerted The Chosen, and everyone else, that something was truly wrong on their world. I kept writing the scenes, and the idea to make it all about Nature came about.

  1. How long have you been writing?
Since I was a kid. I wasn’t one of those writers you hear about writing all over their journals and in diaries and such as a child, but I loved my English classes, and always loved the writing assignments.

  1. Tell the world the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?  Now if you hate that question, tell us something that scared the wits out of you!
I can’t think of an embarrassing moment, so we’ll go with the scary one. It’s actually a dream I had when I was a kid. There was a really big, evil dragon-like creature chasing me, and I woke up in a panic. Perhaps he was a future creature from one of my stories J

  1. What was your favorite, all time, movie?
Oh, that’s easy! “Dirty Dancing.” I drive my family nuts with the number of times I watch it. I was twelve when I first saw it in the theatres, and I just can’t get enough of it. The music, the dancing, the storyline, the actors…all of it. I’m a HUGE Patrick Swayze fan, and was devastated by his death. It’s hard to watch the movie now, but I still love it.

  1. Do you have a special go-to person you send your stories to, just to see what they think?
My mom. She’s the first one I share them with, to see how she likes them. Then some friends, my sister, and to test them on my intended audience, my niece and nephew.

  1. Can you give us a hint of what your next story is about?
In book 3, which I’m calling “Striker’s Apprentice,” Striker, the leader of The Chosen and a hunter, will be taking on a young hunter to help train.

  1. With all the promoting that is just as important as writing the story, do you have a schedule you try to stick with when trying to get a story finished?
Not really. I write when I feel up to it. Sometimes it’s only a couple of sentences, sometimes it’s a few pages. Then there are days or even weeks that go by where I haven’t done any writing at all.

  1. Have you ever thought of just hanging it up because of rejections or a too demanding schedule?
Nope. I love to write, and now I love these stories and characters. Even though I take the breaks I just mentioned from them, I know I couldn’t take a permanent one from them. They (the characters) are too important to me.

  1. What is your favorite thing to do when not writing?
Watch TV or movies.

  1. And, of course, the most important question, where can we find you and your books?
My website is called Andi’s Realm
I’m on Facebook under Andrea Buginsky and Andrea Buginsky Author
I’m on Twitter @andreabuginsky
I’m on Google+
My books are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.

Thank you so much for inviting me today, Penny! I had a great time talking with you and saying hello to your readers again.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sie, the heroine of Dragon Clans, stops by for a visit. She brings Sue Perkins along also!

My thanks to Penny for inviting me to her blog.

Today I've brought along Sie, the heroine of my fantasy young adult book 'Dragon Clans', the second in the Dragon series. Hopefully she will tell us something about her life with the red Valdra Clan of dragons.

Hello Sie, thank you for coming.

S: I'm not really sure why I'm here.

The readers would like to hear how you came to live with the Valdra Clan.

S: Okay. When my parents died I went to live with my brothers. They decided to come over to the dragon continent and steal some dragon gold. They took me along so I wouldn't be able to tell anyone what they were up to. A storm came up and upset the boat and they drowned. Toldar, the leader of the Valdra, saved me.

Were you scared when you arrived at the Valdra settlement?

S: A little, but it couldn't be any worse than life with my brothers and Essie was so kind I soon felt at home there.

Essie. Isn't she your clan sister?

S: Yes that's right. We became so close we asked if I could join the clan officially so we could be sisters. Essie and I do everything together.

Don't you miss human company?

S: No. Apart from my parents humans have never bothered to do anything for me. The Valdra have taken me in, provided me with a home, a family and taught me how to take care of myself. Even if I didn't owe a lot to them, I'd still want to stay with them. They're my family now.

What about the future? Surely your clan sister will find a mate. What happens to you then?

S: I think she may already have decided on a mate. My problem is if I want to take a partner he'd probably expect me to leave this continent and go back to live with the humans. I don't want to be so far away from my dragon family. It's a bit of a worry, but no doubt it will sort itself out in the end.

Well thank you for talking to us, Sie and good luck with your future.

Plucked from the sea by a red dragon, the human woman Sie joins the Valdra Clan. Her red friends wish to join the dragon Treaty Alliance, but the other clans consider the Valdra wild and aggressive. Byron, a human friend of the Mondra Clan, works with Sie to overcome the many obstacles in their path. Will the other clans be able to forget the Valdra's past betrayals and present day destructive behavior? They believe they have succeeded but the planet has its own way of disrupting their carefully laid plans. 


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