Friday, April 27, 2012

How to promote your books - FREE - by Lizzie Stevens

Hi  Everyone,

Thanks for having me today. Today I'm going to blog about all the free stuff you can do to promote your books. I hope that at least one of these ideas helps somebody out.

1. Set up a website. You can do this completely free at or and if you want it to be a true dot com you can go to or and I'm sure there are others and pay for your domain name for the year. It will cost less than $12 and then you can go back to the free site and use your own domain. You have no fees at all and you have a new website.

Set up a facebook page and friend everyone and tell everyone about your page. Use your page to promote your book. Don't just open the page but actually go there and post on it daily.

Follow people and ask them to follow you. Tweet and retweet other people's tweets. Join in on the fun.

Same thing here. Friend people and ask them to friend you.

5. has free pages

6. another social networking site.

7. Start a blog. There are a few different free ones. You can try or either one are free.

8. Join yahoo groups. Be sure to follow their posting rules.

9. is another really good place to promote you book.

10. Get reviews for your book. The more reviews and good ratings the better. You can take that review and then tell all the above places. Out of every good review you get several promo opps out of it.

This list should get you started but the ideas are endless in marketing. I hope at least one of these things helped somebody out.

My new book is:

Blackbeard’s Treasure


Edward Teach, better known as the pirate Blackbeard, was killed November 22, 1718. Two months before, he purposely ran his ship, Queen Anne’s Revenge, aground at what is now called Beaufort Inlet.

He emptied the ship of all treasures into his other ship, The Tender, and fled to where nobody knows. Two months later, when he reappeared, he was killed in battle, and his body was tossed into the ocean. To this day, nobody knows where the treasure went.

For years, people have searched high and low for his treasure. It has been said that Blackbeard said nobody but he and the devil knew where it was located.
Cassie Andrews returns to Branson Missouri to clean out her grandfather’s house, who recently passed away. While emptying the attic she comes across an old diary belonging to a woman who claims to have been married to Edward Teach. Cassie soon realizes that she holds the key to the famous Blackbeard’s Treasure.

Cassie turns to her friend Levi for help in finding the treasure. "In her zeal to uncover the clues to Blackbeard's Treasure Cassie lands herself in the hospital.

Attraction explodes off the page as Levi nurses Cassie back to health and together they experience the adventure of a lifetime to uncover their true feelings for one another and Blackbeard's Treasure.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Summer Teen Reading Party - PARTY OF THE YEAR

 Thanks for stopping by!  
We have a great group of authors who write stories for the 
Middle Grades/Tweens/Teens!

For the entire month of May there will be interviews, reviews, and guest posts, but best of all you can load your eReaders for your kids and for yourselves.  Tons of giveaways!  Free eBooks can be won simply by commenting!  I am giving away a "Get Ready for Summer" gift pack.  I will put all the names in a basket and draw one lucky person.  Comment as many times as you like and your name will be put in each time!  
The schedule below will tell you where I will be a guest.  Any comment left will be put in a drawing for a PDF copy of either Hike Up Devil's Mountain or A Float Down the Canal.  Stop by for a visit to hear what I have to say and try to win!  What have you got to lose?


 (Scroll to the bottom of this page to find the Amazon links for all featured books)
 Time to kick it off!!!  Get your PAR-TAY on and stop in
and see Conda Douglas (Mall Faeries Exile) on Emerald Barnes' blog!!! 
 Go party with Penny Estelle (Hike Up Devil's Mountain) and Natalie Wright (Emily's House)
then hop on over to see H.M. Prevost (Desert Fire) ***GIVEAWAY*** and don't forget
to pop by and say HI to Marva Dasef (Witches of Galdorheim Series) ***GIVEAWAY***


Check out:  Barbara Ehrentreu (If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor) on Anne Johnson's Blog

Visit: Rebecca Ryals Russell (The Seraphym Wars Series: Harpies) 
and Natalie Wright (Emily's House) then check out Marva Dasef's ***GIVEAWAY***!
 MAY 5
 Don't miss this one!!!!  Mall Faeries Exile with Conda Douglas  ***GIVEAWAY***

 MAY 6
Party on, Kevin!!!  Kevin T. Craig (Summer on Fire) on Jan's Blog
And yet another giveaway with Marva Dasef  ***GIVEAWAY***
Go over and dance with Chris Verstraete (Searching for a Starry Night)
Then catch H.M. Prevost (Desert Fire) ***GIVEAWAY***     and Natalie Wright !!!!

 MAY 7

 Jenny Milchmanon Jan's Blog

Blog Swap: Penny Estelle (Hike Up Devil's Mountain) and Rebecca Ryals Russell

Jan Fischer Wade: Review of Veiled Virtues by (FranJessca)a
Marva Dasef (Witches of Galdorheim Series) at Teen Word Factory!

 Kickin' it easy style: A simple, straight up GIVEAWAY!!!  Veiled Virtues Giveaway **GIVEAWAY**


Big 'ol Party with the Gals!!!  Kate Fuentes (Elements Series) ***GIVEAWAY***   and Natalie Wright
Penny Estelle and Amy Durham (Once Again)
H.M. Prevost on Barbara E's Blog  ***GIVEAWAY***
Blog Swap: Emerald Barnes  ***GIVEAWAY*** and H.M. Prevost

MAY 10
Jan Fischer Wade: Guest Post at Anne Johnson's Blog
"Why are British Accents So Dang Hot???"  Yup, - check it!
Blog Swap: Emerald Barnes  ***GIVEAWAY***   and Marva Dasef

MAY 11
Blog Swap: Penny Estelle and Kate Fuentes  ***GIVEAWAY***
Blog Swap: Emerald Barnes  ***GIVEAWAY***  nd Natalie Wright
MAY 12
Veiled Virtues: Review by Katie Cody

Blog Swap: Marva Dasef ***GIVEAWAY***      and Barbara Ehrentreu ***GIVEAWAY***

May 13
Blog Switch: Natalie Wright (Emily's House) and Jan Fischer Wade (Veiled Virtues)
Barbara Ehrentreu on H.M. Prevost's Blog  ***GIVEAWAY***

MAY 14
Veiled Virtues: Review by Berenice
Blog Swap: Penny Estelle and Marva Dasef   ***GIVEAWAY***

MAY 15
Veiled Virtues: Reviews by Mareena McGirr
and Madeline at Canvas Between the Margins  ***GIVEAWAY***
Blog Swap: Kate Fuentes  ***GIVEAWAY***and Emerald Barnes  ***GIVEAWAY***
Barbara Ehrentreu on Rebecca Ryals Russull's Blog  ***GIVEAWAY***
MAY 16
Sameena Bachmeier: Banyan (On Jan’s Blog)
Veiled Virtues: Review by Nicole R.
Blog Swap: Natalie Wright  and Marva Dasef    ***GIVEAWAY***

Blog Swap: Jenny Milchman and Rebecca Ryals Russell

MAY 17
VEILED VIRTUES:   Review by Tami Kelley   ***GIVEAWAY***
Blog Swap: Emerald Barnes  ***GIVEAWAY***  and Kim Baccellia
MAY 18
Veiled Virtues: Review and Interview by Cassie Deaton
Amy Durham (Once Again) on Jan’s Blog
Blog Swap: Marva Dasef    ***GIVEAWAY***

and Kate Fuentes ***GIVEAWAY***
Blog Swap: Emerald Barnes  ***GIVEAWAY***  and Penny Estelle

MAY 19
Blog Switch: Kate Fuentes (Elements series) ***GIVEAWAY*** and Jan Fischer Wade (Veiled Virtues)
 MAY 20
Rochelle Weber hosts Jan Fischer Wade (Veiled Virtues)
Marva Dasef hosts Ardyth DeBruyn
 Blog Swap: H.M. Prevost ***GIVEAWAY***  and Kim Baccellia
MAY 21
Jan Fischer Wade on Amy Durham's Blog
Kim is hosting Kate Fuentes
MAY 220
 Blog Swap: Barbara Ehrentreu  ***GIVEAWAY***  and Jan Fischer Wade
Rebecca Ryals Russel (On Marva's Blog)
MAY 23
Jan Fischer Wade: Veiled Virtues on Stephanie Keyes' Blog
Marva Dasef on Rebecca's Blog      ***GIVEAWAY***
Kim Baccellia on Barbara E's Blog
Blog Swap: Amy Durham and Natalie Wright
MAY 24
Blog Switch: Emerald Barnes  ***GIVEAWAY***   and Jan Fischer Wade
MAY 25
Blog Switch: Penny Estelle (Hike Up Devil's Mountain) and Jan Fischer Wade (Veiled Virtues)
Blog Swap: Conda Douglas and Rebecca Ryals Russell
Blog Swap: Chris Verstraete and Emerald Barnes   ***GIVEAWAY***
MAY 26
Blog Switch: H.M. Provost (Desert Fire) ***GIVEAWAY***  and Jan Fischer Wade (Veiled Virtues)
Blog Swap: Marva Dasef      ***GIVEAWAY***
MAY 27
Blog Swap: Natalie Wright and Barbara Ehrentreu  ***GIVEAWAY***
Review of VEILED VIRTUES by What's Beyond Forks
Blog Swap: H.M. Prevost and Conda Douglas
Marva will be giving away a GRAND PRIZE of the three books in her Witches of Galdorheim series, plus a $10 gift certificate to the bookstore at MuseItUp Publishing!!! Check out her blog for the deets May 27-31!!!  Winner announced June 1!
MAY 28
Blog Swap: Chris Verstraete (Searching for a Starry Night) and Jan Fischer Wade (Veiled Virtues)

MAY 29
Mandy Harbin and Penny Estelle
MAY 30
 Blog Swap: Kim Baccellia (Earringsof Ixtumea and Crossed Out) and Jan Fischer Wade (Veiled Virtues) 
***Book and swag package GIVEAWAY!!!***
MAY 31
Emerald Barnes on Conda Douglas' Blog   ***GIVEAWAY***

$1.99 EBOOKS!!!
The following eBooks are on sale for $1.99 at Amazon, OmniLit, BookStrand and the
MuseItUp Publishing online bookstore for the ENTIRE MONTH OF MAY!!!!
Summer on Fire
Mall Faeries Exile
If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor
Seraphyn Wars Series: Odessa and Harpies
Veiled Virtues
Witches of Galdorheim Series: Bad Spelling, Midnight Oil and Scotch Broom
Desert Fire
Earrings of Ixtumea
Crossed Out
$0.99 EBOOKS!!!
Seraphyn Wars Series: Prophecy
Stardust Warrior Series: Zarena and Jeremiah Holyfield
Emily's House
Hike Up Devil's Mountain
Kim is giving away a $10 Amazon gift card AND an awesome Swag Bag!!! Swag bag includes a free ebook of your choice, bookmarks, tatoos, a $15 iTunes gift card and a signed copy of one of her books!!! A comment on her blog = 1 entry and a retweet on Twitter or post on Facebook = 2 entries!!! Winners to be selected on June 1 by random drawing.
Enter to win a $50 Barnes & Noble gift card!!! One lucky winner will be chosen from the commenters on her blog (including emails to her from non-Book Blogs members who are unable to comment), "Likes" and "Shares" on Facebook and Tweets about her book, Veiled Virtues, or this Summer Reading Party (include @veiledvirtues in your tweets!). It's that easy!!! She will be having other giveaways during the month at her guest spots and on her blog!
Visit Natalie Wright's blog and learn how to enter to win a signed copy of her book, Emily's House, some swag, and an Amazon gift card!
Mandy Harbin is giving away a copy of her book!!! To be eligible, readers need to like her facebook page  
and send her an email with "Summer" in the subject line to: 
Marva Dasef will be hosting a book giveaway for EACH of her guest spots!!! ALSO, she will be giving away a GRAND PRIZE of the three books in her Witches of Galdorheim series, plus a $10 gift certificate to the bookstore at MuseItUp Publishing!!! Check out her blog for the deets May 27-31!!!
Penny Estelle will be giving away a "Get Ready For Summer" gift basket!!! Visit her blog for the info!!! 
Stephanie Keyes will be awarding a Starbucks gift card to TWO lucky winners!!! Deets to come soon, but make sure to track her down this month!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Blog Hop is over and I have a winner!

WE HAVE A WINNER!!!  I put every person's name in a bowl and had my hubby pull out a name.  Shadow is the winner.  I will be sending off your two PDF eBooks shortly.  I sincerely thank all those that visited my blog and left a comment.  I hope everybody had a good time at this Easter Blog Hop! 

In May, we have many authors involved in a blowout for a Summer Teen Party!  Win prizes and books for MG/YA.  I'll be giving away a basket with things to get your summer off to a great start!  Watch for details.

Thanks again to all those who came calling!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hoppy Easter Blog Hop

Who needs the Easter Bunny when there are prizes galore at the Easter Blog Hop!  That's right.  This Easter Extravaganza has over 200 authors participating and every one of them offering up one or more prizes.   Each author is holding their own contest on their sites.  I am offering a PDF copy of Hike Up Devil's Mountain and a PDF copy of A Float Down the Canal, both MG stories.  All you have to do is leave me a comment and a person will be randomly chosen on April 9. 

There is no telling how many times you could win!  Go to and check out all the authors.  And please don't forget to leave a comment here!

HAPPY BLOGGING........and, let's not get silly....we all need chocolate!