Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Last day for Christmas In October - Oct. 31

Mr. Blank - Justin Robinson
Every conspiracy needs a guy like me.

Every conspiracy has one… me.

And now someone’s trying to kill me.

When everyone has a motive, everyone is a suspect, and I don’t even know who all the players are. It’s a race against time to figure out who wants me dead, and why, and how to prevent all the underground conspiracies, aliens, cryptids, and things that go bump in the night from throwing the world into chaos while I’m at it.

Just another normal day at the office, really.
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Christmas Storm - Nancy Marie Bell

All Michelle wants for Christmas is peace of mind. The only thing bigger than the storm in her heart is the blizzard raging across the Alberta prairie outside her window. Finding an injured stray dog is the last thing she needs. Add to the mix the handsome new vet who is taking over her beloved Doc’s practice and peace of mind is not in the picture. Cale Benjamin is too nice to be for real. Michelle is still smarting from being jilted by her high school sweetheart fiancĂ© and not in the mood to trust any man, let alone one as drop dead gorgeous as Dr. Cale Benjamin DVM. The injured stray, Storm, keeps putting Michelle in Cale’s path whether she likes it or no. She is distressed to find that the handsome young vet is sliding past her carefully erected defenses and into her heart. A few well placed nudges from Doc’s match maker wife, Mary, help the young doctor’s cause, but will it be enough to make the lady rancher allow him into her life?

The answer lies in the pages of Christmas Storm, find out for yourself.

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Hike Up Devil's Mountain - Penny Estelle

What do you get when one ten-year old boy breaks into the basement of an old abandoned house, that is to be demolished the next day, and finds a mysterious glowing stick? Now add the school bully and his ten-year old brother who also find their way to that basement.  The bully wants that stick!  A fight ensues and that bully is now a toad. 

What you get is a whirlwind adventure of two boys and a toad that have to hike up Devil’s Mountain to find the only person who can help them.

The dangers they meet along the way will keep you turning those pages to find out what happens next!  There is a surprise ending you just don’t see coming!

I am offering a signed copy of Hike Up Devil's Mountain

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Softly Say Goodbye - KC Sprayberry
Erin Sellers, an eighteen-year-old high school senior, hates teen drinking. She and her three friends decide to use Twitter to stop a group, the Kewl Krew, from using their high school as the local bar. The members of this group are just as determined to stop anyone from messing up their fun. Erin continues in spite of veiled threats to her safety. During Spring Break, her guy, Bill, goes out with his friend on a trip they've planned for ages. The guys are run off the road by a teen drunk on the way home and die in the ensuing accident. Erin's left grieving for her guy and eventually comes to terms with his loss. She also works with her best friend, Shari, to make a video a teacher posts to YouTube that sends a message about teen drinking, and the video goes viral in just one night. Even graduation becomes a venue to send a message when the entire senior class participates in a salute to Bill, his friend, and another senior who died during the year because of teen drinking. Erin goes to visit Bill's mom in Florida after graduation and only there can she finally say goodbye to her guy.

I can offer a PDF copy of the book and a wristband
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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Christmas In October - Oct. 29

A Step Sideways - Nancy Marie Bell

Legend says that land once stretched from Lands End in Cornwall as far as the Scillies Islands thirty miles out in the Atlantic. To this mythical land Gort Treliving escapes to avoid the pain inflicted by his abusive uncle. He steps away from his corporeal body and walks into the mist of oblivion, seeking only to find peace. To Gort’s surprise he finds he is one of King Arthur’s knights, Sir Gawain. He is also the partner of a wonderful grey war stallion who can telepathically speak to him.
            While he is caught up in a wild chase across the countryside to rescue King Arthur’s kidnapped queen and her lady, Gort as Gawain, tries to puzzle out the strange visions of another life that assail him at the most inopportune times.
There is intrigue, mystery, sword play and a dash of romance. A Step Sideways is a rollicking romp of an adventure that borrows inspiration from the Arthurian legends with a decidedly quirky cast of supporting characters.
After the last page the characters will linger in your mind and you’ll wonder what happened next.
Gort Treliving steps from his body into the mist of oblivion to escape the pain inflicted by his abusive uncle. He finds he is one of King Arthur’s knights.
            While chasing Arthur’s kidnapped queen, Gort must puzzle out the visions of another life that assail him at the most inopportune times.

I am offering a PDF copy of A Step Sideways 

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Mark of the Sire - Larion Wills
Mark of the Sire, historical western romance
When legends come to life, evil men pay.
They thought it would be easy. One was a dude from the East, softened by easy living. The other was no more than white trash. They discovered Lon didn’t kill any easier than Chancy, and they both fought back, aided by two men those of the valley believed to be no more than legends. The Indians called them Lance and Knife. As well as the sons discovering why, so do their enemies when a family once torn apart unite to make war. 
MuseItUp Publishing buy link for MuseItUP
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Wicked Knight - Tierney O'Malley
 Ruggedly handsome pediatrician, Dr. Tristan Knight, is done with marriage. Once is enough. Eager to avoid making another mistake of getting trapped in marriage vows, Tristan wields strong control to suppress his growing attraction to his sister’s friend, Julie Parrish. But his resolve is tested when an unusual request for help lands on his lap—marry Julie.

Author and former model, Julie Parrish has been trying to keep her image clean, otherwise, her drunkard father will get the inheritance her mother has left her. She will never let that happen. But her stepmother, Marla, has learned about the will’s stipulation. Since then, she’s been attempting to prove to the lawyers that Julie is far from being clean. Fortunately, her mother has added an out to the will. Marriage. So when Tristan surprised her by offering his help to end her problem with Marla, she accepts. But Julie wants more than just a ring. She wants the elusive doctor’s heart.

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(Knight Brother series book 1)
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Friday, October 26, 2012

Christmas In October - Oct. 26

A Float Down the Canal - Penny Estelle
Twelve-year old Pam Simpson gets dumped on when her mother is called into work. She has to cancel her plans with friends and a day at the mall to babysit her brother and his friend, and entertain her cousin, Candy, whom she doesn't even like. They are going to spend the day at the public pool. Much to Candy's frantic dismay, the group will be floating down the canal to get there.
Pam's day goes from the worst to the best day of her life, thanks to her prissy cousin and A Float Down the Canal.
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Legend Of Koolura - Michael L. Thal

The Legend of Koolura tells the story of a sixth grade girl and how she obtained the cool powers.  She has the ability to dematerialize at will and reappear where she chooses. She can move objects with her mind and she can even defy gravity!
But will these powers be of any use in stopping a stalker intent on her destruction? The stalker is determined to retrieve Koolura’s unrealized cool powers and hurt any of her friends who get into his way. As the hour approaches for Koolura’s final confrontation with her nemesis, she may finally find vengeance to the man who killed her mother.


Visit Michael Thal @

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The King's Ransom - Cheryl Carpinello
  In medieval Wales, eleven-year-old Prince Gavin, thirteen-year-old orphan Philip, and fifteen-year-old blacksmith's apprentice Bryan are brought together in friendship by one they call the Wild Man. When an advisor to the king is killed and a jewelled medallion is stolen from the king’s treasury, the Wild Man is accused of the theft and murder. 

Filled with disbelief at the arrest of the Wild Man, the three friends embark upon a knight’s quest to save their friend’s life. To succeed, the three must confront their fears and insecurities, and one of them will have to disclose the biggest secret of all. 

Join Gavin, Philip, and Bryan on their quest and share the adventures that await them in the land of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.

The King's Ransom 2012 Silver Award Recipient for YA Fiction from Children's Literary Classics!

I'll give away an Ebook (any format) of The King’s Ransom

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Death Sparkles - Kelly Whitley
The Death Sparkles Anthology is a collection of scary and mysterious short stories based on the writing prompt of "The diamond necklace dangled from the dead woman's hand." Proceeds go to literacy charities.
"Put together a room full of writers (even virtually), toss out a prompt, and you get a rich, astonishing mix of interpretations. We found each other online, via Savvy Authors, and the authors featured in these pages were all part of a one-year intensive writing program. Different short story assignments had different parameters. This one was simply to have the above line, intact, appear somewhere in the story."
We had such fun with our stories, we decided to collect them into an anthology, and donate the proceeds to a literacy charity. The voices in these stories are as strong and unique as the individuals who created them. They cover a range of genres, but all of them use a diamond necklace and a dead woman as the fulcrum. I love finding new-to-me writers through anthologies, and we all hope you like the range of creative voices presented in these pages.

Literal Interpretation by Kelly Whitley
Clay must recover a valuable antique before his sister calls the police, but things are not always what they seem to be at The Antiquarium…
Enjoy eight other stories in this collection as well!
Buy link: AMAZON
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Christmas In October - Oct 24

Mirror, Mirror - Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz

            In this historical, time-travel romance, Lindsey Baker is thrust back to the 1400s against her will.  She is brought there by an old crone who is acting on behalf of Prudence, the love of Master Graham.  Unfortunately Graham’s father won’t let him marry Prudence, since she is only a maid in the household.  Since Lindsey looks like Prudence, the witch believes Lindsey can convince Graham to marry Prudence rather than follow his father’s wishes and marry Lady Marian, the burgher’s daughter.
            Lindsey is amazed at the conditions women are forced to endure.  She finds Prudence is uneducated and feels Graham is taking advantage of her low position in the household.  Although she is only there a few days, however, she begins to see why Prudence loves Graham and also that Graham does indeed love Prudence.
            Realizing the only way she can get back to her own time is to convince Graham to go against his father’s wishes, Lindsey plans and schemes. She talks to Graham’s father to no avail.  She finally comes to terms with the fact she may be stuck in the 1400s for the rest of her life.  She also realizes this might not be bad if she can be with Graham.
            Finally, she visits Lady Marian only to learn Marian does not want to marry Graham any more than he wants to marry her.  They come up with a plan for Lindsey to take Marian’s place at the wedding and for Marian to run off with the man she really does love.
            On the day of the wedding, Graham bursts into Marian’s room to confront her, telling her it is Prudence he loves and only Prudence he will marry.  What he doesn’t realize is Lindsey is the one in Marian’s wedding dress.  When Lindsey runs after Graham, she trips, falls, and once again finds herself back in her own time.
            A knock at the door.  Lindsey opens it to find Officer Graham checking on her.  It doesn’t take Lindsey long to notice how much Officer Graham looks and acts like Master Graham of the 1400s.

MuseItUp Publishing:

I am offering a PDF copy of Mirror Mirror

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The Chosen - Andrea Buginsky

Halli is a shy, young dwarf who has no idea of her true calling. When the evil Prince Gastle sets out to detroy the world of Phantasma, Queen Laurali of the Elves comes to tell Halli she's a Holy Paladin with the power to heal, and will join The Chosen, a group of brave warriors being sent to defeat the evil beast and save Phantasma. Will Halli be accepted by her group, and be able to keep them alive through their adventures? Will the evil Prince Gastle be defeated, freeing Phantasma from his destruction? Only time will tell.

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I am offering a PDF copy of The Chosen

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Undead On Arrival - Justin Robinson

Today is the last day of Glen Novak’s life.

Five years after the end of the world, the few remaining humans are barricaded in a small vacation town on the California coast, beset by hordes of the undead.

A single bite turns a man into a walking corpse. There’s no cure and no hope.

Someone made sure Novak was bitten and now he has one day to put things in order, protect his people and, most importantly, exact revenge.


I will give a signed copy of Undead On Arrival

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Christmas In October - Oct 22

Vengeance is Sweet - Jo Ramsey
Vengeance Is Sweet
Vengeance demon Omara was created for one purpose: to enact vengeance on humans who have killed or harmed children or other innocents. She’s good at her job—as if she has a choice—but has a tendency to bend the rules.
That tendency lands Omara on probation. Stuck in human form, unable to even understand her native demonic language, Omara becomes the target for two of her fellow demons. Fortunately her friend Ghast rescues her. But the attempted attack is a symptom of something much larger: A battle is raging, not only in Hell but in all dimensions, between those who want to destroy New York City to teach humans a lesson and those who want to protect the humans.
When Omara returns to work, called back because half of the vengeance demons have been “terminated,” she is given the assignment to wreak vengeance on Alejandro Ruiz, a single father who allegedly caused his ex-wife’s suicide. The inconsistencies in the case lead Omara to believe Alejandro is innocent. But he’s been set up by those who want to destroy humanity, and proving his innocence could cost Omara everything.

I’ll be giving away a PDF of Vengeance Is Sweet.

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The Forest of Carren - Juls Duncan

Candy-cane-striped trees, ogres, and chameleon-dragon might seem like an adventure, but to Morgan Koda, it’s all about friendship.

Thirteen year old Morgan has unintentionally altered her time-line and that of her world and she will do anything to preserve it.
As her second school year starts, she must face her adversary, The Dark Emir, once again. He has kidnapped one of her best friends and holds him hostage in exchange for The Mask of Noesis and the restoration of their time-line.
But by resetting the time-line Morgan risks losing the one thing she has yearned for her whole life. On the other hand, surrendering the golden mask will give The Dark Emir the key to controlling her and their world.

Morgan Koda has no intention of doing his bidding, and there’s a little more than magic up her sleeve...

Check out the book trailers for books 1,2,3 on her blog.

Visit her website at: 

Visit her blog at:

       I am offering an ebook of The Forest of Carren

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The Second Vendetta - Carl R. Brush
Not again.
It’s taken Andy Maxwell two summers—1908-1910—to help his family recover from the effects of the murderous attack on them and their Sierra Nevada Ranch. That vendetta nearly killed his mother, severely damaged barn, house, and livestock, and exhumed some long-buried family secrets—including the fact that his father was black. He’s had to alter his whole notion of who he is and where he came from. But now that he’s Shanghaied the vendetta’s perpetrator, nursed his mother back to health, and got the ranch operating again, he thinks he can return to grad school and pursue his history doctorate in peace.

Not so.
First of all, it turns out they don’t want a miscegenated mongrel in the University of California doctorate program. Just when he’s enlisted the eminent San Francisco journalist, Ambrose Bierce, to help him attack that problem, it turns out that the murderer’s Shanghai arrangement didn't stick. Michael Yellow Squirrel has returned for another try at eliminating every last Maxwell on earth. So much for school. Andy’s back to defending himself and his family against a savage and formidable enemy.

And then there’s the election.
Hiram Johnson is running as a reformer for California governor against the railroad barons and needs a Republican Assembly candidate from Andy’s district to replace the recently-deceased incumbent. Time is short. Andy’s a prominent rancher with name recognition among the local voters, and Johnson wants him on the ticket, but why would Andy make himself an easy target for his nemesis? The answer? The promise of a post-election appointment to the university board of regents where he could influence the policy that bars him from his dream of a place among the academics.

And then there are the women.
Andy’s just revived the relationship with the love of his life, the debutante daughter of a prominent, if corrupt, state senator, and that’s going pretty well. But an Arapaho princess he thought he’d left behind two years ago suddenly returns to threaten the new version of his old love.

So, Andy Maxwell, how are you going to deal with all these quandaries? My historical thriller, The Second Vendetta answers that question and many more with a tale-telling style that pulls readers into the book and doesn’t let them go till they’ve turned the last page, wishing there were more yet to turn.

 I am offering a PDF copy of The Second Vendetta

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Christmas In October - Oct. 19

Call On The Dead Club - Lorrie Unites-Struiff

The COD club series with BTGN  (Books To Go Now).
Stories 1&2 will be included in the first book.

Come and meet Winnie Krapski who hugged a cherry tree during a lightning storm. The bolt slammed her, splitting the tree in half. The near-death experience bestowed her with a gift–one she’d rather not have.
Drafted into the C.O.D. Club (Call on the Dead) by Fat Phil Phillips, her mission is to grant the newly deceased’s ghost one last reasonable request. Can Winnie honor her oath?

Well, she tries, but not before she lands in humorous situations that almost get her killed. She’s one spunky broad.

I hope you try a copy and look forward to more of Winnie’s adventures.

I am giving away two short stories in PDF format

* * * *
Painted Jezebel - Jolie Pethtel
Publicist Finn Mackenzie has always been lucky, until an ill-fated affair with a vindictive writer leaves him one chance for redemption: a spectacular public appearance by the elusive best-selling romance author, Jezebel Jinx.

Unfortunately, the cute but kooky writer refuses to cooperate. Jezebel believes she’s cursed with bad luck. Riddled with anxieties, she never leaves her home— until the gorgeous, albeit desperate Finn whisks her away to a writer’s conference, against her will.

After the initial shock wears off, Jezebel’s dormant hormones kick into high gear around the hunky Finn.
When his ex turns up murdered and Jezebel is the prime suspect, ill-planned sexcapades are the least of their worries.

I am offering a copy of Painted Jezebel 
* * * *
The Lycan Moon - S Durham
Rescued from the streets of Seattle by her adoptive mother, a witch and a seer, Dana Pierce learned early on about her talent as a witch. Now a successful news columnist, she not only embraces her craft, but has spent the last five years of her life in search of a man she believes she's destined to help, a man cursed to immortality by an unfortunate ancestor.

Calen Meer has carved out a quiet life in the port town of Astoria, Oregon, and though immortality has made him a wealthy man, he lives simply, running a charter fishing business, where only a few know he is a werewolf. That is until the infinitely curious, albeit irrisistible, Dana Pierce enters his life.

Unaware she is in the company of the the man she seeks, her scent sends his libido into a tailspin, and ruthlessly drags violent desires of long ago raging back to the surface of his mind and body. And as Ms. Pierce blithely goes about unearthing a past best left forgotten, Calen is torn between his anger at her intrusion into his life... and the profound effect she has on him.

Dana is confused by the emotions the moody fisherman arouses in her, and when she finds out his true identity, her stubborn determination to help him, is easily outmatched by Calen's loathing of witches and witchcraft. But when several women are found brutally murdered, Calen must face the fact that a creature, not unlike himself, is not only escalating in its rabid need, but Dana may be his next victim.

As their volatile attraction to each other heats up, a devastating secret from the past threatens to destroy them both unless Calen can set his prejudices aside, and let Dana offer the help she's been born for... 

Muse buy link:

I am giving away a copy of The Lycan Moon
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Bonds of Time - Larriane Wills
Judith gave up on the world long before those fools destroyed it. She didn’t run out of her forest looking for survivors, didn’t seek out those she knew of. She wanted nothing to do with any human until Garth fell out of the sky. 

Give away will be a tote bag with goodies (inside USA) 
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or any from my backlist, winners choice.

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At What Price - P. A. Estelle
Katherine Gardner is awakened at 6:30 in the morning with a call from a strange woman who claims to have her granddaughter, Rio. This woman is calling the police if Katherine doesn’t make arrangements for somebody to pick this little girl up.
Katherine is a fifty-six years old woman and all alone, since her husband died over three years ago. Her life takes a dramatic turn when six-year old Rio comes to stay with her. Rio is a scared little girl whose life is filled with uncertainty and fear.
In her grandmother, Rio finds a safe haven and an unconditional love that she has never known in her six short years and Katherine has found a love to fill the void that has been absent for way too long.
Unfortunately Katherine’s daughter, who deserted Rio, has other ideas.

Solstice Publishing
 Barnes & Noble

I am giving away a PDF copy of At What Price 
and a Christmas decoration that counts the days of Christmas - Here's a hint - It's yummy and fattening!
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