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Summer Teen Reading Party comes to a close

Well, it has been an unbelievable month, meeting so many wonderful authors and readers, alike!  I had a lot of people who visited my blog and left comments and this morning, I drew the winner of my "Get Ready For Summer" basket.  I am leaving for a few weeks tomorrow, so I had to draw the winner this morning so I could get the address, etc.  The winner is bn100!  I wish I had a name, but this is all I have. 

     Thanks to everybody for stopping by!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mandy Harbin stops by for a visit

A Desire and a Dream to Write Young Adult

Hi y’all! I want to first thank Penny for giving me this opportunity to invade her blog today with my ramblings. I will try to make this as painless as possible. ;)

Many people ask me why I write young adult and the answer is very simple. The Season’s Change series is the first book series I officially started with the book of Summer being the first novel I ever finished. Seriously. I am a multi-published author now, but Season’s Change was the first time I felt passionate enough to see a story through to completion after many years of uncompleted novels in notebooks and old computers. And it all began with a desire and a dream.

I didn’t know how to explain it at the time, but I felt extremely passionate about writing a book on a girl who didn’t need a man to make her who she was. Of course, I love romance, so I wanted the story to have romantic elements—I mean come on! What’s a book without some form of passion? But I knew I wanted the main female character to be the story. I wanted her to be able to stand on her own and be the central focus with the other characters there to support and help her. I was a big fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which I never even saw an episode of until it was finished and in reruns on cable, but when I thought about my heroine, I wanted her to be of similar character. Strong and powerful in her own right, not because of some external force. But this was all I knew in the beginning. I had a desire, but no real direction.

Until I woke up one morning from a vivid dream. A man was sitting on a patio and handed me an antique broach with the numbers 1887 on it, and then lightning fell from the sky like bright confetti. I felt a total rush from it and immediately researched lightning, which took me on a brief learning expedition of mythology. The story fell so quickly into place, I was running on pure adrenaline. In a matter of days, I knew most of the elements I wanted the story to contain and threw myself into research to familiarize myself with mythology. Over the next several months, I wrote character bios, book synopses, and the story arc over the entire series.

At this point, I still didn’t know this was going to be a young adult series, though. I’d considered writing Season older than seventeen, but the story just fit with the young adult genre. One important lesson I’ve learned over the last few years is that you can’t force a story to happen—if you do, it just doesn’t feel right. I let the story dictate were it’ll fall, rather than trying to make it fit one genre over another. Season’s Change had its home in young adult and I wasn’t going to fight it.

Season’s Change is a four part series, starting with the book of Summer and ending with Spring. I am currently editing book two, Season’s Change: Fall and hope to have it out this fall. ;) Each book really is a continuation from the other, so they should be read in order. And that dream I mentioned? It’s in the first book along with several dreams I had during the drafting process. Here is a blurb on the book of Summer:

Season Crete isn’t one for surprises, but at her surprise seventeenth birthday party, she gets a big one. She learns her mother isn’t really dead. Not only that, her guardian gives her a cryptic message about her mother’s return on her next birthday, mentioning something about mysterious changes she’ll be going through up until then. Seasons’ confusion takes a solemn turn when she discovers a death certificate with her name on it dated for her eighteenth birthday.

While desperately wanting to discover the truth about her mom and these so-called changes, Season is plagued with dreams about the weather, which she cannot explain. But she also finds herself focusing on a budding romance with the hottest guy in town, Don Davis, while trying to enjoy her summer vacation, knowing it may be her last.

When Season strikes up a friendship with newcomer Chrys Gorge, she soon discovers everything isn’t always as it seems as he explains the reality of mythical gods and the danger surrounding how she fits in. He holds the key to unlocking her family secrets, but he’s interested in more than just a friendship with her . . . . And he has the power of a prophesy on his side.

Can Season discover the truth about her heritage without losing the guy she’s falling in love with?

More information about the series and its characters can be found on my website at

I love to connect with readers! You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads. All links can be found on my website but please note that I also write erotica. ;) If you’re not at least 18, please do not venture to those sections of my site.

And now for some fun stuff. If you read this blog and send me an email at with the subject of “Summer”, I’ll pick one lucky reader to get a free copy of Season’s Change: Summer!

Thanks again to Penny! Happy reading everyone. J

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Jan Fischer-Wade Comes Calling

Thanks for having me on your site today Penny!  I hope everyone is kicking off this holiday weekend with a bang!!! What books is everyone out there excited to read this summer?  Also, do you have any favorite book covers? I love the one for Wither, so cool! This summer, I will be working on the finishing touches to the sequel to Veiled Virtues so I won’t have time to read much else.  The sequel is entitled Latent Legacy and you can read more about it on my website listed below!

I am having a blast with the Summer Teen Reading Party and I am so excited about this month long event!  We’ve got lots of great books and authors there – many for $1.99 or less. I hope everyone visits!  Make sure to read the rest of this post to find out how you can enter to win a $50 Barnes & Noble gift card!

Here is a bit about my novel, Veiled Virtues:
When Paige Stewart left America to house-sit in England, her only thoughts were to get away from her controlling mother and to have fun. Little did she know that her working holiday would find her hearing eerie voices, experiencing alarming dreams and bleeding from old scars. Although Paige's differences confuse and disgust her, she opens up to the shopkeeper of a strange metaphysical store in town, where she finds much more than tarot cards and crystals. Soon, Paige is stalked like prized game. Relentlessly pursued, her holiday takes a turn for the eerie and dangerous. Her only saving grace may be a modern-day English knight who sweeps her off her feet and recognizes the true virtues the American teen unknowingly possesses.
Veiled Virtues is available at the following sites:  Amazon  OmniLit   Smashwords   MuseItUp Publishing   Diesel   Kobo    BookStrand   AmazonUK 
Coming soon to Barnes & Noble and iTunes!!!

Excerpt from Veiled Virtues:  Hearing voices is not good, right???
The mile ride into Newbury was an easy one, and I found my way to the town center. I locked up the bike and walked down Cheap Street, lined with numerous shops, restaurants, and pubs.
One store front in particular caught my eye. The sign said MAGOG’S, and the items in the window intrigued me — a display of crystals and shiny colored stones; some dragon and fairy figurines; an astrology chart; and some books. A closer look at the books revealed titles such as Paranormal Occurrences in Elizabethan England, The Attraction of Metaphysics, Extrasensory Phenomena, and Glimpses of Evil: A Guide to Demonology. I looked up at the MAGOG’S sign again and guessed it must be some kind of new-age store or something. A poster hung in the window advertising an outdoor music festival in Glastonbury. That might be fun to go to if I made any friends there.
I almost continued down the sidewalk when a man’s voice whispered, “There.” I turned to find out who said it, but no one was near me. I figured I must have been mistaken, but then the voice grew louder.
It’s in there.
I whirled around. No one again.
What just happened? Hearing voices isn’t normal.
The noise must have been something else because I knew I was not crazy. Determined in my normalcy, I shook off the incident and resumed my self-directed town tour of Newbury.
About Jan’s giveaway:
Enter to win a $50 Barnes & Noble gift card!!! One lucky winner will be chosen from the commenters on her blog (including emails to her from non-Book Blogs members), "Likes" and "Shares" on Facebook and Tweets about her book, Veiled Virtues, or the Summer Reading Party site (include @veiledvirtues in your tweets!). It's that easy!!! She will be having other giveaways during the month on her blog as well, so make sure to visit it!

Jan can be found online at:
Twitter @veiledvirtues
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Thanks for stopping Jan.  Your book, Veiled Virtues, sound great and may I also say, "YIKES" - a $50 Barnes & Noble card!  Awesome prize!

Also folks, if you comment on my blog your name goes into a drawing for a "Get Ready For Summer" basket.  And as it happens I am visiting with Jan on her blog @  Now if you happen to stop and comment there, I am giving away a PDF copy of one of my stories....your choice, to one commenter!

Stop by and see me anytime!

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Christine Verstraete is in the House

Today I welcome Christine Verstraete, author of the middle grade mystery, SEARCHING FOR A STARRY NIGHT, and a nonfiction book on dollhouse miniatures, IN MINIATURE STYLE II. The book (available in eBook, for Kindle, iPad, Nook, etc. and print), contains profiles, photos, and over 40 how-to projects to help make that dollhouse a home. The kid's mystery is also available in print or eBook.

  Penny, thanks for hosting me at your blog. I know you all are dying to know....

So, why dollhouses 
If you haven't guessed, I collect and create dollhouses and dollhouse miniatures. So as a collector, it's no surprise that my interests seem to pop up in my fiction writing. In SEARCHING FOR A STARRY NIGHT, friends Sam and Lita, along with the "help" of a mischievous Dachshund named Petey, face various troubles (and troublesome people) as they search for a lost miniature replica of Van Gogh's Starry Night painting.

If you think dollhouses are only for kids, nothing could be further than the truth. Miniatures are collectibles that can range from high-priced artisan's work, to homemade items. It's a creative outlet that allows the collector to incorporate a number of different crafts, or collects the work of others. Every detail found in real life can be found in a dollhouse or miniature room.

I've included several photos of my projects. More photos can be found by clicking miniatures on my website.

What inspired you to collect and to write about it?
What better way to make money than doing something you love? I love creating, and being a journalist, I love writing, so it's the best of both worlds.

What else have you written?
I enjoy writing short fiction, and have had several stories published in anthologies and eBooks. I seem to gravitate towards light horror, mystery and science fiction. Actually I love to write quirky so my horror often has a touch of odd humor. I can't help it!

My horror works include THE KILLER VALENTINE BALL at MuseItUp Publishing, MOTHERLY LOVE, at Smashwords, and science fiction-inspired short stories in several anthologies from DAW Books - TIMESHARES, STEAMPUNK'D and HOT & STEAMY: TALES OF STEAMPUNK ROMANCE. I also have a fun little Christmas short story, CHRISTMAS AT THE NORTH POLE COMPOUND. See the fiction and ebooks pages at my website for links and details.

What is your next project?
As I also enjoy writing fiction, I am marketing a young adult book on zombies and trying to place some short stories. Plus I have tons of miniatures projects in the works. My mind never rests!

Be sure to stop by the website and check out my fiction and miniatures!

CONTEST: ** One commenter will win an eBook copy of my kid's mystery, SEARCHING FOR A STARRY NIGHT or if you prefer, a horror (or Christmas) short story. ---

Thanks so much for stopping by today, folks.  I am also visiting at Christine's blog at    If you have a few minutes, stop by and check it out.  I am also drawing a name of one commenter and giving away a PDF copy of any one of my books - your choice. 

Thanks again for visiting!

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Emerald Barnes comes a calling

Thank you, Penny, for hosting me today!  I appreciate you letting me come and talk about YA characters!

A lot of YA literature has main characters who vary greatly but are still very similar.  They’re all insecure, just like teens, and they all have to deal with not only being an awkward teenager but having to face very adult matters.  

It’s no secret that the YA genre has taken the world by storm lately.  But why is that genre so popular? 

I think it has to do with the reason I write and read YA fiction.  It’s fun.  You get to experience first kisses all over again.  You get to be with characters on their journey of self-discovery, and you get to laugh at someone else who was as awkward, if not more, than you were at that age.  If you’re a young adult, you get to see someone else being humiliated or finding that totally yummy guy or gorgeous girl you always dreamed about having!  But with each YA story, there’s a similarity, and it has to do with what the characters go through.  I think that’s fine too.  It’s the reason why the genre is so popular!  

Most of my main characters are vulnerable.  They want to be normal, but I wanted to make their life too hectic to be normal.  (I think that is always what makes a good story.)  I wanted my characters to find themselves searching for that normality in life, and I find that very relatable. 

But then again, there are characters who are so unlike the normal teenager.  And that’s fine!  I think it gives the readers another life to experience. 

So whether your characters are shy and timid or outspoken and adventurous, I think they all end up being somewhat similar.  Because they’re teenagers.  They all go through awkward periods, and I think they all are trying to find their place in the world.

They feel out of place, awkward, and unworthy of that cutie’s crush.  They all have to face their past or future head on, and they discover something about themselves.  Again, it’s a similar theme that each character has to face. 

But there’s nothing wrong with that!  It’s part of writing in the YA genre.  So don’t be afraid if your characters seem similar.  Chances are, they are, but it’s because it’s realistic. 

My new release, Read Me Dead, is available on Amazon, but if you comment you can win a copy along with a copy of my first novella, Piercing Through the Darkness!

You can connect with me here:

Buy Links:

Read Me Dead a YA Romantic Suspense
Alexia Wheaton’s problems go beyond picking a dress and a date for homecoming.
 For seven years, Alex has lived with a painful memory - her parents' horrific murder. As the sole witness, she has kept quiet to protect herself, but when the local newspaper reveals her secret, Alex is plagued with fear that her parents' murderer will soon find her - and silence her forever.
 Alex is catapulted into a race against time to save her own life and bring her parents' murderer to justice. 

Piercing Through the Darkness, a YA suspense/thriller
It’s on the edge of her memory like a word on the tip of her tongue, but Kandi can’t remember what it is to save her life.

Despite being a cop, Jimmy can’t protect Kandi from the one thing that haunts her. She’s in danger and doesn’t even know it. After it happened, her brain repressed her memories of the accident, and now, she’s taking a Biology class under a man who wants to see her dead. The memories have started coming back, and it feels like she’s miles away from him. How can he protect her when she doesn’t even know she needs protecting?

Can these characters pierce their way through the darkness?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lora Richards is in the house!

Lora Richards lives in Southern Ontario with her youngest of 4 children still at home and a diva dog named, Chachi who always makes her smile. Dee Days is the debut novel in her Dee Day Mysteries series, and it is offered with a free copy of the 2nd book, Dee Nights.
Twelve-year-old Deedee is much taller than her peers. This alone sets her apart, never mind the fact she is unable to participate in the latest fashion trends due to the rules set by her overly strict father. Her world is turned upside down when she meets a mysterious old lady named Isabelle in an abandoned skating arena, who enlists Deedee’s help to find her missing daughter Shawna. A series of incidents on her search have Deedee wondering if there really is such a thing as ghosts.
Summer Camp is so much more than Deedee imagined. She finally feels as if she fits in with her new group of friends, except she doesn’t know what to think of her reunion with a boy from the old neighbourhood. Odd encounters and a case of a missing purple bikini stir up all too familiar feelings of not being alone.
Could it be? Was it really happening to her again?
MJ and I ventured out to explore the new neighborhood after my dad left for work.
“Make sure you stay on our street, at least until you’ve had a chance to find your way around the neighborhood.” Mom wiped her sweaty hands on a tea towel and brushed back a stray strand of her dark blonde hair. “I think I saw a park at the end of our street. Why don’t you go there?”
Four blocks away, we saw what might be the park. The only things visible from the street were a bunch of trees and a path. Curiosity got the best of us, and we made our way down the narrow trail.
We’d only gone a few feet before we spotted what looked to be an old barn through the overgrown weeds and bramble.
“Come on, let’s check it out.” I stomped down a patch of weeds.
“I don’t think we should, Deedee.”
“Don’t be such a baby. I’m not going inside. I just want to get a closer look.”
“Okay, but if we get caught, I’m blaming everything on you.”
“What else is new?” I snickered. “Help me clear a path.”
We couldn’t get as close as I would’ve liked. The weeds were too thick, and I might as well have been alone for all the help MJ was.
“What does that say?” MJ pointed to a big board only hanging from one corner on the wall The letters were faded and paint chipped, but one of the words was pretty clear, Skating. I guess it’s an old Skating rink.”
“Okay, you found out what is. Can we please go now? This place gives me the willies.”
I shook my head and followed MJ back the same way we came. I’d definitely be back another day to explore. We kept to the path until it yawned open to a clearing—to the right, a baseball diamond, and to the left, a park. A creek ran along the length of the field. It looked like a pretty cool place to hang out. Too bad every other kid on the planet was at school. MJ and I climbed the equipment before we checked out the water. It looked to be about four feet wide and had stepping-stones to cross over without getting your feet wet.
A shiver ran up my back, and I turned to find the space behind me empty. I swear someone was there. I even felt warm breath on the back of my neck.
I stood and took a deep breath, not wanting to freak out MJ. “Maybe we should head home.” I scanned the length of the park and wiped my damp hands on MJ’s shorts. “Mom will only worry if we’re gone too long.”
“Hey!” MJ shook her head, setting her blonde curls in motion.
It’s funny, I’d always wanted her curls, and she always wished she had hair as straight as mine. The only thing we shared was the light blonde color.
I couldn’t stop thinking about the arena, and was certain I’d be back. It wasn’t the same as our old neighbourhood, but at least we found someplace cool to explore.
“I guess we start our new school on Monday.”
MJ skipped alongside me until I mentioned school. She stopped and bowed her head but not quick enough to hide the tears filling her big blue eyes.
“Don’t worry, Sis.” I put an arm around her shoulders. “If we stick together, everything will be fine.”
I didn’t tell her I was scared. At least with the nice weather we wouldn’t need to wear tights with our skirts. Maybe it won’t be too bad. I felt sorry for MJ being a little plump and very sensitive about it. Anytime someone teased her about it, she’d cry. I hoped she wouldn’t cry on the first day.
Sometimes I think about something way too much, and make it out to be far worse than it really was. Maybe, just maybe we’ll like this school better than the old one.
You can read another excerpt from Dee Days, as well as one from Dee Nights at Lora’s Blog
Lora’s Website:

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Marva Dasef Comes Calling

SCOTCH BROOM: Book 3 of The Witches of Galdorheim
A magical trip to Stonehenge lands a witch in the Otherworld where an ancient goddess is up to no good.



Kat expects to have a great time on her graduation trip to Stonehenge. However, from the moment she leaves the witches’ arctic island, Galdorheim, she gets in nothing but trouble.  Her younger half-brother tries to horn in on her trip, she gets lost in the magical Otherworld realm, is led astray by a supposed friend, then she has to confront a Scottish goddess who’s fallen on hard times.

While dodging the goddess’ minions and trying to find her way out of the Otherworld, Kat soon learns she shouldn’t underestimate the old has-been for one second; the crone still has a few tricks that can drain a witch’s magic in a flash. To make matters worse, Kat's brother secretly followed her into the Otherworld. Now he’s in danger too.  Kat has to go one on one with the goddess to save herself and her brother.

Leave a comment to win a free ebook of any of the Witches of Galdorheim. To win a GRAND PRIZE, read the posts carefully, then answer the easy quiz on Marva’s Blog at between May 27th and 31st. All the information and links you need will be posted.


In Scotch Broom, I present Glaistig as a vampire woman who has entered the Otherworld because she no longer wanted to live from the blood of humans. Within the magical realm, she can safely feed on the various magical creatures without killing them. Once I discovered her, I knew she had to be part of this story. While a vampire, she’s got a soft side that appeals to Rune. In other words, she’s not all bad; she’s just been fabled that way.

I discovered Glaistig at Monstropedia, a must-have link for paranormal and fantasy writers (

According to one legend the glaistig was once a mortal noblewoman, to whom a fairy nature had been given or who was cursed with the goat's legs and immortality, and since has been known as The Green (or Gray) Lady.

In most stories, the creature is described as a beautiful woman with dusky or gray skin and long blonde hair. Her lower half is that of a goat, usually disguised by a long, flowing green robe or dress.

In the diverse and changing traditions of the Highlands, the Glaistig was seen as both benevolent and malevolent towards humans. In one aspect she even takes the role of the Banshee, wailing at the death of important people.

The glaistig may take the form of a beautiful woman, especially one already known to the male victim; after offering sexual favors like a camp follower, she leaves her male victim with his throat cut, every drop of blood sucked from him. Other such tales have her casting stones in the path of travelers or throwing them off course.

In some variant stories the glaistig may be seen as benevolent, fond of children and a protector of old people. Libations of milk were poured for her, especially on selected stones; this veneration may be linked with older fertility customs. The glaistig has been described in some folklore as watching over children while their mothers milked the cows and fathers watched over the herds.

The glaistig frequented the lonely lochs and rivers in the Highlands of Scotland, such as Ardnacaillich, Donolly Castle, Loch Fyne, Crathes Castle and in Wales at Caerphilly.


Rune, Kat’s brother, is searching for his sister while Cailleach is searching for both Rune and Kat by sending one or more of her minions to find them. Glaistig’s job is to find Rune, determine whether or not he’s a vampire, and to bring the boy to the goddess. Rune goes with her and learns a few facts about the Otherworld.

Rune hurried to catch up to Glaistig. “So, do you live around here?” he asked to start a conversation.

“Aye. My abode is to the north by the standing stones.” The Gray Lady sighed. “I’m not so sure I should have moved into the Otherworld. I have no one to talk to here.”

“Hey, I’m sorry to hear that. You seem like a nice person.”

“As I said, I can be nice, or I can be naughty. It all depends on the attitude of those I meet along the way. Unfortunately, there are no humans in the Otherworld, so I don’t even have that sport anymore.”

“Well, why don’t you move back out into the mundane world? I mean, you’re a good-looking girl. You could meet all the guys you wanted.”

Glaistig sighed again. “I would, but it made me sad when I had to drink the blood of the rude men. Yes, I need the blood to live, but it isn’t pleasant to take.”

“Wow. Yeah. Maybe you could, you know, blend in more? Wear different clothes. You’d look great in a mini-skirt, I’ll bet.”

“Be careful, Rune. Even another vampire is not exempt from my need.”

Rune held up his hands. “Sorry. I definitely don’t want to be rude.”

Glaistig stopped and lifted the hem of her long skirt. Rune looked down at her goat’s cloven hoof. “You see the problem with your mini-skirt suggestion,” she said with a wry grin.

“Yeah,” Rune replied. “Hey, blue jeans are great. Maybe that and some cool boots. You’d be totally rad.”

Glaistig offered a soft smile. “Thank you, Rune. It’s nice of you to say, but I’m a prisoner of my nature. That’s why I left the real world. I hated to kill.”

“Oh, I’m with you on that. But what do you, um, live on here in the Otherworld?”

“Trolls, dwarves, gnomes on occasion. Men are men, no matter their species. At least I can take blood from the denizens of the Otherworld without killing.”

Rune frowned. “How can you do that? Just take a little blood?”

“No. Within the Otherworld, the Magic Laws of Conservation take effect. No arcane creature can kill another. Even if I bled a troll dry, he could still get up and walk away.”

“Still, it’s probably not much fun for the troll.”

Glaistig laughed a smoky laugh. “Not fun at all, but at least they do not die.”

“Interesting. I manage to get by without straight blood, but sometimes...well, sometimes I would just like a taste.”

“Do not allow yourself to do that, Rune. Once you sup on blood, there’s no turning back.”

Glaistig looked at the ground and said nothing for a few seconds. In a soft voice, as if speaking only to herself, she repeated, “There is no turning back.”

Rune cleared his throat. “Well, is there anything else about these Laws I should know?”

Glaistig glanced sideways at Rune. “Well, a person from outside can kill an Otherworld creature. Be careful, unless you’re willing to take on that burden.”

Rune kept his gaze on Glaistig until she raised her head. “I’ve never killed anybody, and I don’t think I want to, so I’m pretty safe there. Anything else?”

“Just that nature requires a balance.”

* * * *

About Marva:

Marva Dasef lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and a fat white cat. Retired from thirty-five years in the software industry, she has now turned her energies to writing fiction and finds it a much more satisfying occupation. Marva has published more than forty stories in a number of on-line and print magazines, with several included in Best of anthologies. She has several previously published books. Her latest pride and joy is the Witches of Galdorheim Series from her super duper publisher, MuseItUp.

Where to find her:

MuseItUp Author Page:
Twitter Handle: @Gurina
Book Trailers:

 Download a PDF Sampler of all three books in the series and the bonus short story, Spellslinger.

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Kate Fuentes is in the house

Greetings! Thank you for allowing me to be a guest on your site today Penny! I’m looking forward to having a tremendous time sharing posts and having “Giveaways” on various blogs with the Summer Teen Reading Party event! There will be amazing book titles and fabulous interviews with authors from all genres participating! Be sure to stop by and check it out!

When I look back to when I had less wrinkles and a smaller backside, I remember the excitement of summer! To be free from the confines of school and ready to make memories with my friends over the summer break, but I also recall having time to relax and read a good book. Whether it was on a vacation we had taken to the beach or a lazy afternoon in the backyard, I found the time to sit and experience the fantasy realms of some of my favorite stories. I’m a BIG fan of Greek Mythology and the legendary heroes of yesteryear.  I believe this type of ‘epic adventure ‘writing help mold my own form of literary style and created a vast foundation of imagination outlets to pull from when I’m constructing my young adult series ELEMENTS.  I have written and published two books in the series thus far and plan to release the third in the series just before summer begins in 2012.

The ELEMENTS novels follow the lives of fraternal twin brothers Gage and Talon Thorn. They were born from an ancient prophecy and have the extraordinary elemental abilities of fire and water. A wicked underworld emperor is determined to destroy the ‘Brothers of Prophecy’ and claim the earth realm for his own if the brothers don’t learn how to control their gifts and save humanity from the clutches of evil. The twins must experience tragedy, loss and defeat before they try to push forward and live up to what destiny has asked of them. The challenge has been set forth by dark forces and the world must put their faith in a pair of young brothers. The future is uncertain.

To find out more about the ELEMENTS series please visit Kate Fuentes webpage for more details.

                                 AMAZON  BARNES&NOBLE  GOODREADS  SMASHWORDS

                                        AMAZON  BARNES&NOBLE  GOODREADS  SMASHWORDS

I’m also quite excited to include a giveaway for your readers today! One reader can win an ebook copy of my first book, ELEMENTS: The Beginning, FREE!   Answer a question, ‘like’ the Elements Facebook page and follow me on Twitter to begin earning points! A random winner will be chosen by Rafflecopter! Good Luck!
  Also, check back throughout the month of May on the Summer Reading Party site and see if you could win ALL three books!
Thank you for having me as a guest on your blog! I really appreciate having the opportunity to speak with your readers!
Warm Regards,

To contact the author, Kate Fuentes, visit the following social media sites:
Kate Fuentes , Twitter , Sired Scribblings , Facebook , Pinterest

My name is Kate Fuentes, author of a young adult fantasy series called Elements. I modeled the characters after my two sons and created the fantasy realm as a story to read to my children at night. I'm fascinated at the enormity of endless imagination that we humans are capable of having, and enjoy being able to write fiction for others to appreciate as well.

My series includes: Book one, Elements: The Beginning, Book two, Elements: Veil of Darkness, and soon to be released in the summer of 2012, Book three, Elements: Kingdom of Aqueous. I plan to continue the installments and have not decided how many books will complete the series. I, like so many of my author counterparts, aspire to create more books and characters for my readers to enjoy. I have two projects currently in the beginning phases of conception and will release details in the fall of 2012 on my webpage

I attended college in Arizona and transferred to California where I finished my studies in business marketing and advertising while progressively composing short stories in the foreground. Research and development is one of my favorite aspects of writing along with the actual creation of the story from imagination to the novel itself.

I am quite passionate about writing but also enjoy helping those that are underprivileged, forgotten, and oppressed by working in a global reach department during the week in the hopes that I may bring attention to the causes which will, in effect, inspire others to volunteer or champion for those less fortunate both locally and around the world.

On a personal note, I am happily married to my junior high sweetheart and we have two glorious children. We appreciate our time spent with one another and always make sure we set aside a day for family fun night.

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Kate, thanks so much for stopping by my blog!  Your series sound awesome.  Congratulations on your successes!
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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Amy Durham Comes a Calling

"Once you learn to read, you will be forever free."
~ Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass (circa 1818 - 1895) was an escaped slave who went on to lead the abolitionist movement. Born into slavery, he secretly learned to read by watching the white children with whom he had contact and by observing the writings of the men with whom he worked. Having known no other life except slavery, he accepted it without question. Until he learned to read. His exposure to newspapers and political materials armed him with the knowledge that freedom and basic human rights could not exist within the boundaries of slavery.

When you learn to read well, and more importantly, CHOOSE to read, you empower yourself. Whether you read books, magazines, newspapers, academic texts, or some of everything, reading gives you knowledge, and knowledge gives you power. For me, this manifests itself in an attitude I’ve developed over the last several years. And the attitude is this: “If there’s something I want to know about, I WILL learn about it.” There are lots of things I don’t know about, but I can read, so I can learn. I can buy a cookbook and learn to prepare new food. I can read a magazine or newspaper and learn about what’s going on in politics or the find out about the latest movie releases. I can order a travel book and road atlas and plan a vacation to a foreign country. I can read a fiction book about scuba diving and learn about the equipment necessary. And the list could go on and on and on and on. There is nothing I can’t learn, because I can read.
Tweens and teens, this message is especially important to you! You can read a book that entertains you and LEARN at the same time you are being entertained! Your reading material doesn’t have to be a textbook or an encyclopedia to be educational. All books have lessons, subjects, and themes that can teach you things. A vampire romance isn’t just about the vampires… it’s about diversity! A time travel sci-fi isn’t just about jumping time… it’s about learning from the past and planning for the future.
A book is an adventure that you can learn from! And learning makes you FREE! So, this summer, go on an adventure inside the pages of a book!

If you enjoy Young Adult Parnomral Romance, here is a bit about my book, “Once Again”:
Reincarnation sucks! Unless it comes with a cute guy. That’s what sixteen year-old Layla Bradford discovers when she moves to Sky Cove, Maine, a small-town she thought was ordinary, but turns out to be an episode of “Cold Case” on steroids.

Layla doesn’t want to fit in; she wants to blend in and stay out of the spotlight. But the spotlight is where she winds up when she catches the eye of school cross-country star and all-around-nice-guy Lucas Ellis. She quickly learns there’s more at stake than high school reputations when she and Lucas discover they are the reincarnations of a young married couple from the mid-1800s who suffered a horrible tragedy at the hands of a madman who was never brought to justice. After a series of frightening visions show Layla and Lucas glimpses of their past-lives, they realize that the villain of their previous existence has also been reincarnated, in the form of a fellow high school student who targets them with teenage pranks that soon turn dangerous. As they grow closer, will Layla and Lucas be able to uncover the truth in time to stop the same tragedy from unfolding once again?

 Who is Amy Durham?
Amy Durham discovered her love of writing in the sixth grade.  What began as a love of writing poetry soon turned into stories scribbled into school notebooks.  In the eighth grade, her English teacher told her she was good at it and encouraged her to continue to put pen to paper.  At that moment, the die was cast, and writing would forever be a part of her life.

As an adult, Amy focuses her efforts on writing Young Adult Fiction... adventure, romance, and life-lessons... woven together as imagination and escape for young readers.  Amy holds a firm belief that books are not only entertaining, but have the ability to transform young lives.  A book can educate.  A book can teach compassion and kindness.  A book can spark interest.  A book can be a companion.  Simply put, books can accompany and guide young readers as they try to navigate their way through the twisted, confusing roads of adolescence.

Here are my contact links:!/Amy_Durham

Here are the buy links for my book:

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Rebecca Ryals Russell Comes Calling

Prophecy of Solsyl
(Dracwald to the Dragons)

An eon, nay, ten million years
Evil reigns, Solsyl suffers.
Toxins poison and close to death
Creatures taking their last breath.
Waters once sparkled by sunny gleam
Now blackened, noxious lake or stream.
Transmuted creatures dwell within
 Mountains, forests, deserts, glens.
Majikal beings once proliferate
Diminished in number-hide deliberate,
From evil flying through the night
Flaming maws that snap and bite.
The planet shakes, quakes, muttering
Majikals escape the Great Shuddering.
Children seven will arise
Betrayed once by two-colored eyes.
Travel through forest, glen and sea
‘til safely together they shall be.
Of age no matter, size or skill
Majikals teach them all to kill.
Prolific with sword, arrow and spear
All evil dies when they come near.
Seven children, two from Earth
Black-haired beauty learns her worth;
Leads Vigorios to fight pure evil
With new-found courage, strength of will.
One will shine above all others,
Powers strong as does her mother.
Another’s loss at age so tender,
A mighty warrior evil rendered.
One sees fears or heart’s desires;
Understands internal fires
that drive the evil and the good.
She prays things turn out as they should.
Hair turned white when lightning struck,
his easy nature is mistook
A mighty warrior, strong and fierce
With lightning’s power evil pierce.
Solsyl’s power, volcano, groundquake,
 master of fire another makes;
His soul in question, which side wins?
On battle’s outcome it depends.
‘fore battle starts one will die,
by hand of one she once was shy;
But came to love and learned to trust,
Betrayal turns his soul to dust.
Another warrior must be found,
the leader then must look around;
Another betrayal; how many more
will they endure throughout this war?
But in the end will love win?
On each one’s heart that does depend.

BLURB of HARPIES, BOOK TWO coming soon
Transported to a planet he'd never heard of was the least of fifteen-year-old Griffen's problems. Learning to control his suddenly increasing strength and new ability to pull lightning from the sky takes some getting used to.  Angry preteen Seth joins the quest; meanwhile discovering his combusting ability as a fire-starter. Driven to find the last Vigorio, a young girl able to experience others' emotions, they journey together toward their destinies as warriors against Narciss, Ruler of Tartarus and his Legio of demon-dragons. But Belial, a power-hungry demon determined to win Narciss’s approval makes their trip miserable while Narciss’s Harpy henchmen take matters into their own hands.

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Catch Rebecca at any of these links:

Rebecca Ryals Russell writes MG and YA Dark Fantasy while living with her family in a Victorian house on five acres of North Florida countryside. She also runs a Vacation Rental Log House on the property: Florida Black Bear Cabin.
She is a fourth generation Floridian having lived all over the state. The daughter of an Elementary-school principal and school secretary, she always knew she was bound for the classroom and for fourteen years she taught Middle Grades, preferring English and Creative Writing. She had several students’ works published in anthologies as well as her own poetry, photography and stories.
Her main interests are her four teenaged and young adult children and Irish hubby of many years. She enjoys spending her time writing, drawing, going to movies, reading, discussing philosophy and politics with her college-aged son.
Over the course of the next few years she has several books being published.
Be sure to check out the special interactive Middle Grade Reader website Tween Word Quest for tons of information about Stardust Warriors as well as the other projects Rebecca has in the works and Under the Hat for all of her other works.

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