Sunday, August 14, 2011

A little taste of Donna Crocker's book........ Wishes Come True

Wishes Come True

Answering an ad in the newspaper, Abby had no idea that she would find so much more than just a job. Her new boss sends butterflies tumbling through her stomach and she can't stop thinking about being in his arms. Jake wasn't looking for love when he advertised for a typist. By hiring Abby, he's found more than he bargained for. She's charming, sweet, and gets to him as no other woman has before. There's just one little problem... Gloria, Jake's secretary. Gloria has loved Jake from afar for years, then Abby came into the picture. She's noticed the looks he gives Abby and decides to take matters into her own hands. If Abby is out of the way, surely Jake will love her... so Gloria begins to plot Abby's demise. Will Jake be be to stop Gloria in time? Or will he lose the only woman he's ever loved?

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