Thursday, November 10, 2011

Will the REAL Gary Peterson please stand up!

Who is Gary Peterson?
While he was still in high school in the early sixties his family moved in an old house out in the country. The walls creaked and dark shadows abounded. This was the inspiration for his novel.
He currently lives near the small community of Yakima, Washington with his wife and dog. He has a B. A. Degree in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. He acquired much of his knowledge about court procedures while working as a child protective services worker for many years. His hobbies include hiking, bowling, and reading a good mystery novel.

His books?
Gary has three books, The Old Miller Place, Return to Painters Island, and The Kidnapping of Olivia Hammond.
Old Miller Place
In 1961 George Peabody struggles for months to find employment. When he is about ready to give up he lands a job with a small newspaper. He likes the area and talks his wife, Elizabeth; into buying an old rundown house. Objects start moving by themselves and an icy presence permeates the entire house. Is he and his family safe? He researches the old house’s history and learns of grizzly murders that had taken place there. An attorney is bludgeoned to death and a woman turns up dead in the back of his truck. He is accused of both murders and is on trial for his life. Has he been framed for their murders by a crooked cop, Detective Strausser, or is it someone else? Are the murders of the past somehow connected to what is currently going on? Suddenly he is abducted by the real killer. It becomes a race against time as a retired police detective, Gary Wise, and his ex-partner, Detective Thayer, search for clues to find him.
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Return to Painters Island
"It is in the 1950's and Jim, who is almost nine years old, helps his mom support the family because his dad is too sick to work. He sometimes is allowed to escape to "Painter's Island", a magical place where he can be a kid again. Follow him as he jumps off sawdust piles, digs up buried treasure, has sword fights with his friends, and tries to fly."
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The Kidnapping of Olivia Hammond
With Blood trickling down her face and chained to a basement wall, Olivia Hammond tries to figure out why she was kidnapped. It couldn't be for ransom because she has no money or rich family. Revenge is not a motive either because she is at peace with everyone and always tried to be a good neighbor. Her only hope is that her brother will discover the truth, but with no food or water, will he find her in time?
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Where can you find Gary?
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  1. Enjoyed the post, Gary. I visited Wenatchee this summer, and Grand Coulee Dam as well. Went back to Everett for my 50th EHS reunion. I'm from Washington State, and still have relatives in Seattle, Everett, Wenatchee, Spokane and others. We try to visit every summer to do a little salmon fishing. Good luck with the new book!

  2. Gary, your books sound so interesting! I love the paranormal aspect of "The Old Miller Place" and the scariness of "The Kidnapping...". How horrible to wake up to that. I especially like the whimsical nature of "Return to Painter's Island". Sounds like a fun place for him to go. Good luck on your new release!