Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Key by Felicia Rogers

Hi everybody! 

I got the opportunity to read The Key by Felicia Rogers.  What a story!  Not sure what I can and cannot say in a review, so as not to give anything away, but here goes. 

This story is about a high school senior which, due to tragic circumstances, lives with her grandmother.  She is alone and friendless.  Two new boys come to her school, both wanting her attention, but for two very different reasons.  One dark and foreboding, the other, determined to be her protector.  One wants her life, the other wants to keep her alive! 

Ms. Rogers has a way of making her characters come alive.  Her plot has twists and turns that kept me guessing through the entire story, and wanting more.

This is a great story for any age. 


  1. I read The Key and enjoyed it very much! I agree that the characters come alive. I especially enjoyed the ending.

  2. This sounds like it contains some of that delicious conflict that causes so much disruption in a story and captivates a reader. Nice!

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