Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sie, the heroine of Dragon Clans, stops by for a visit. She brings Sue Perkins along also!

My thanks to Penny for inviting me to her blog.

Today I've brought along Sie, the heroine of my fantasy young adult book 'Dragon Clans', the second in the Dragon series. Hopefully she will tell us something about her life with the red Valdra Clan of dragons.

Hello Sie, thank you for coming.

S: I'm not really sure why I'm here.

The readers would like to hear how you came to live with the Valdra Clan.

S: Okay. When my parents died I went to live with my brothers. They decided to come over to the dragon continent and steal some dragon gold. They took me along so I wouldn't be able to tell anyone what they were up to. A storm came up and upset the boat and they drowned. Toldar, the leader of the Valdra, saved me.

Were you scared when you arrived at the Valdra settlement?

S: A little, but it couldn't be any worse than life with my brothers and Essie was so kind I soon felt at home there.

Essie. Isn't she your clan sister?

S: Yes that's right. We became so close we asked if I could join the clan officially so we could be sisters. Essie and I do everything together.

Don't you miss human company?

S: No. Apart from my parents humans have never bothered to do anything for me. The Valdra have taken me in, provided me with a home, a family and taught me how to take care of myself. Even if I didn't owe a lot to them, I'd still want to stay with them. They're my family now.

What about the future? Surely your clan sister will find a mate. What happens to you then?

S: I think she may already have decided on a mate. My problem is if I want to take a partner he'd probably expect me to leave this continent and go back to live with the humans. I don't want to be so far away from my dragon family. It's a bit of a worry, but no doubt it will sort itself out in the end.

Well thank you for talking to us, Sie and good luck with your future.

Plucked from the sea by a red dragon, the human woman Sie joins the Valdra Clan. Her red friends wish to join the dragon Treaty Alliance, but the other clans consider the Valdra wild and aggressive. Byron, a human friend of the Mondra Clan, works with Sie to overcome the many obstacles in their path. Will the other clans be able to forget the Valdra's past betrayals and present day destructive behavior? They believe they have succeeded but the planet has its own way of disrupting their carefully laid plans. 


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  1. I finished Dragon Flame recently (review is on my blog today). I look forward to the continuation of the story in this latest book.

    Sue will be on my blog tomorrow with more about Dragon Clans (Aug 9th).

  2. Oops, bit of a mix up with the date, thought I was supposed to be here on the 10th but never mind. Hope everyone enjoys Sie's visit.

  3. Looks like a really enjoyable book, Sue!