Friday, November 16, 2012

JQ Rose Offers Up A Special Posting On Some Awesome Women!

Hi Penny. Thanks for hosting me today so I can tell your readers about the awesome women profiled in my new interactive e-book for girls, Girls Succeed: Stories Behind the Careers of Successful Women.

Hello Readers. I’m excited to visit with you today. Please leave comments to enter a random drawing for prizes after the tour is completed. More information about that later.

This book about careers includes interviews with fifteen remarkable women who have achieved recognition for their accomplishment in their occupations. This is a diverse group of careers involving women who have discovered cures to stamp out disease, made people laugh, earned Olympic and Paralympic gold medals, crossed the country in the cab of an 18 wheeler, and lots more.

It was my privilege to interview them for the book. My heartfelt thanks go to them for trusting me to tell their inspiring stories and for allowing me to share them with young girls. I have had so many wonderful comments from the girls’ focus groups on how the stories have resonated with them.

I envisioned this book way back in 2006 after I had met and worked with the counselors and campers at a girls’ summer residence camp in Michigan, Camp Newaygo. In fact three of the women in the book are alumni from that camp, medical doctor Cate Bradley, cooking professional Sue Chef, and educator Barbara “Chili” Chiles.

I began my quest for outstanding women in their field by researching at the library. I made a list in Word Excel of all the areas I would like to include like arts, entertainment, science, business, athletics, and so on and filled in the spreadsheet with their names and mailing addresses. I designed a really cute letterhead, if I say so myself, and toiled over writing a cover letter that would stir them to want to be included in the project.  I sent a matching post card for them to return with boxes to check indicating they were interested, not interested, or wanted more information.

I was thrilled when the postcards began returning to me in the mail with checkmarks in the boxes for interested. I immediately sent the respondents a page of questions to return to me and then I called each one for an interview. Yes, complete strangers who were in the project simply because they wanted to inspire and empower girls. Amazing.

I sent a request to Robin Roberts, host at Good Morning America. She was so gracious in her hand-written reply noted at the bottom of the post card. She wished me luck with the project, but could not participate due to contractual obligations. At this moment Robin is in the fight of her life after undergoing a bone marrow transplant. She is in my prayers for her complete recovery and return to the GMA desk.

It has been an awesome journey to discover so many generous, thoughtful women. They range in age from late twenties to well, just let me say, mature. Their backgrounds include the city life and the rural life, and they are from different ethnic groups. They have graduated from Harvard, Yale, private and state colleges, and one from a community college to earn her commercial driver’s license to drive semi trucks.

So you can see there is no one requirement to become successful, except perhaps passion and hard work.

I have listed below the Table of Contents in the book so you can see how diverse the careers are in the book. Perhaps you or a girl in your life would like to explore one of these careers. 

Table of Contents

Chapter 1--Horse Trainer/Competitive Dressage Rider, Pati Pierucci
True Love
Chapter 2--Bike Racer, Mackenzie Woodring
Speeding Around the Track
Chapter 3--Children’s Book Author and Illustrator, Jane Stroschin
Practice, Practice, Practice
Chapter 4--Medical Doctor, Cate Bradley
Role Models Rock
Chapter 5--Chef, Sue Chef
Cooking Up a Career
Chapter 6--Technology Expert, Diana Stoneberg
Keep Your Sense of Humor
Chapter 7--Christian Minister, Laurie Haller
Serving God
Chapter 8--Horticulturalist, Sharon Loving
Thank You Very Mulch
Chapter 9--Medical Scientist, Juanita Merchant
Confidence Counts
Chapter 10-Olympic Gold Medalist in Women’s Ice Hockey, Angela Ruggiero
Showing the Boys
Chapter 11-Semi-Truck Driver, Barbara Totten
Freedom of the Road
Chapter 12-Teacher/Coach/Athletic Director, Barbara “Chili” Chiles
Aim Higher
Chapter13-Social Worker, Lenair Correll           
Overcoming Obstacles
Chapter 14-Entrepreneur/Product Developer, Veronica Bosgraaf
Find the Path to Success
Chapter 15-Professional Clown, Brenda Marshall
A Big Red Nose

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Contest Information Janet will be drawing winners from visitors who leave comments during the tour. The prizes for you or a girl in your life are a $10 Amazon gift certificate, a copy of the Girls Succeed e-book in your choice of format, a “Succeed” beaded bracelet kit, and inspirational note pads. (See the Girls Succeed and J Q Rose blogs for photos and blog tour information.). Winners announced on her blogs on Sunday, November 18 at 9 pm EST. Good luck!

This is a terrific post J.Q.   Thanks for sharing it on my blog!


  1. Thanks, Penny, for hosting me and and all these wonderful women today!

  2. Hey readers, it's a blog swap. You're invited over to the J Q Rose blog to read about Penny's intriguing short story, At What Price. Come on over to my blog

  3. Great to see JQ's book shining here today. Have already read Penny's excerpt on your blog, JQ. Great way to start the day, ladies!

  4. Thanks, Pat. It's fun to swap blogs. Having a fun day here!

  5. Your book sounds so interesting. I like seeing women being recognized. Thank you for sharing.


  6. Thank you, Sherri. I agree. These women worked hard to get where they are now and they deserve recognition.

  7. I think it's great to have a book with such a positive focus geared to mid-grade girls. Good self-image and what constitutes success are things every girl needs to know about, and sooner rather than later.

    Thanks for hosting Janet here, Penny. Now I've met two new writers today. :)

  8. I couldn't have put that better myself Carol. Thanks so much for stopping by and giving us your input - It's very much appreciated.

  9. J Q has a winner here! : ) What a great book for young ladies to read.

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