Monday, December 17, 2012

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10 Reasons to Build Your First Website TODAY – Takes Less than One Hour
To make a website these days (on your own domain) is a process that takes less than an hour and takes no coding knowledge at all. This is possible due to a simple piece of software that you can install on your domain called WordPress.
It is estimated that over 15% of websites on the Internet right now were made using WordPress, and it is enabling people who hardly know how to use a computer to make themselves professional and impressive websites. You can customize it directly from your Internet Browser and it can have any look you want, with no limitations on what can be done with it.
Here are ten reasons you should make yourself a practice website today:
1.   It will cost you $10 / year for the domain and $5 / month for hosting. In other words, it is very cheap.
2.   It will take you less than an hour to make your very first one.
3.   You can start charging others $500 (or anything) to make their websites (in fact, the first website you  should make  yourself can be your “website creation services” business).
4.   You can advertise yourself or your business with a website, and that will give your business more credibility.
5.   You can gain more exposure for yourself or your business with your website by connecting with other webmasters and getting onto the major search engines.
6.   You can start building websites that make passive income online and start to become less  dependent on an employer.
7.   You would have an impressive new skill to put on your resume.
8.   You can start testing your entrepreneurial ideas by putting them on a website before truly investing in them.
9.   You will never have to depend on a web developer again (especially those who continue to charge an arm and a leg for minor updates).
10.   It is a fun and easy process, and once you learn, you'll start building websites for all kinds of reasons. 


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  1. I am interested in your make money online book. It is on my list. Interesting post!


  2. You don't know me and how little I know about computers. I had a friend build me a Wordpress website, and I did learn how to manage it. I have since deleted it and went to a Google blog--which a friend set up for me and I am now learning to manage.

    Your books sound very interesting. I'll have to look into them.