Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ronda Caudill stop by Penny's Tales


The Choice (A Nobleman Novel)

Blurb: Nila and Blake’s journey of love and challenges continue in The Choice. Nila is face with many choices, one of which is the choice of mortality or immortality. She makes surprising new friends and discovers secrets about an old one. More is revealed to Nila about Blake’s past. Their love will be tested with the challenges they are met with and the secrets that are revealed.

About Ronda Caudill: Ronda was born and raised in Virginia. Writing has always been a passion of hers. She earned  Ph.D. in Education from Capella University. The two writers who inspire her the most are Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft.  Discovering Edgar Allan Poe when she was eleven years old opened up an entirely new world to her. A world that she has shared with her daughters. She is blessed with a wonderful husband and two beautiful daughters who both inspire and support her.

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What does 2013 hold for you as an author?

          I am anticipating that 2013 will be a very productive year for me as a writer. Obviously it has started with a bang with the release of The Choice.

I have written a novel about Jack the Ripper, with a twist (titled Forbidden Fruit). My editor currently has this novel. It is geared more toward an adult audience. The main character is Lucinda Belle. Her mother put into the service of a wealthy family because she could no longer care for Lucinda. Lucinda is eventually thrust into a world very unfamiliar to her when she meets a prominent doctor in London named Dr. Alleister Wellington. Anticipation date of release is spring 2013.

I am currently working on a fantasy novel geared toward the age group of 12+, titled The Glasshouse Children of Ravenshire. These children have different abilities that aid them when they go off their adventures. This novel intertwines the everyday lives of the Glasshouse Children with mystical creatures that they encounter. It is the first of a series of at least five novels. There are five children each one has to have at least one special adventure. This will be a wonderful series for the entire family.  Anticipation date of release for this one is summer 2013.

Of course there has to be another Nobleman Novel at least written in 2013. However, I am not certain if the release will be in 2013 or early 2014. I hope to have it out sometime this year J The past two novels have had Nila concentrating on her Celtic heritage. However, in this one Nila will be focusing on her Native American heritage. After all her grandfather was a shaman.

I have several starts for other novels. I am hoping to finish at least one of them as well. I have lofty goals for this year. I just hope my mojo holds out J  


  1. I have read both books in this series and they are awesome! I am very excited about the next one,because I love the characters and plus I have a strong interest in Native American history! Great post and good luck on your tour:)

  2. This book sounds very good Ronda. Was in Virginia for the first time this summer. Lovely place.
    Best of luck.