Friday, August 23, 2013

Dugan's Creek - FREE on Amazon

A devastated Heather Stone is headed to her sister's house for some TLC after her boyfriend of 3 years breaks up with her.  "I need space.  There is no sizzle in our relationship!"
As if things weren't bad enough, her car dies on a lonely stretch of highway and she starts walking.  She's hot, thirsty, and her feet are getting blisters.
A sign says Dugan's Creek.  She finds soothing cold, rushing water.....and so much more!

With Dugan's Creek, you will get a two-fer.  I entered the 2013 Word contest and my short story, The Red Cloak, was a finalist in the contest.  I decided to put The Red Cloak as a bonus story with Dugan's Creek.  I hope you enjoy my two stories for FREE!!!!  (2 days only,  August 23 & 24)

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