Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Kristal McKerrington visits @ Penny's Tales

  1. Tell us all about yourselves and what makes you tick and what do you like doing when you aren’t writing!
I love to read, I'm a retired dancer who still likes to train. I have recently discovered  DDP Yoga through Michael Manna. 

       2.   Tell us about your family – married?   Kids?   Where you live.   

I'm a common law wife, no kids yet. I live in the rusty, loveable Scotland. My family are all addicted to books and my mother is a chief. My Grandfather was a painter and liked to build things

 3.  If you could travel anywhere in or out of this world, where would it be?

Well I have to say America, its number one on my list of places to go. Its my                                dream to dance in a nightclub in America. There is so many other things I want to do. 

   4.  What is your favorite all time movie?

            Save The Last Dance or Horse Whisperer. 

    5.  What about weekly TV show?  Why?    
              Normally its wrestling, however recently its been NCIS, Castle, Doc Martin.

    6.  What is the most scared you have ever been?

When I went to Wales to meet a set of wrestlers. I couldn't sleep for 2 days before I went.

     7.  If you could have any fantasy, what would it be?

                 To do a road trip with my co-author.

       8.  Now, Tell us about your book?

Waking Up His Wife is a contemporary romance with a uncommon love story.    Anna wakes up married to her wrestling client Adam. She can't remember marrying him. Her brother Drake is not happy about this arrangement

         9.  Where did you come up with the idea for your story?

        When I was in Wales I got the idea when I was talking to a wrestler there. 

         10.  What is your favorite thing about writing?

I love writing romance and dance stories. I'm getting in Paranormal and                          fantasy thanks to Joe

         11.  What is your biggest pet peeve about writing?

                        The handing it over to my agent or the publisher. I hate that bit.

      12.  Do you have a favorite author?

I always say my co-author Joe E Legend, Rachel Caine, Catherine Cookson. I'm always a huge fan of L. Anne Carrington.

13.   Where can people find you? (give all your links)

            Twitter: https://twitter.com/K_McKerrington
            Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kristalsmckerringtonsfanpage
            Website: kristalmckerrington.com
            Solstice: http://store.solsticepublishing.com/kristal-mckerrington/
            Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/Kristal-McKerrington/e/B004KRVFTO/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1380981474&sr=8-1

            Joe's Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheJoeELegend
            Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JoeELegendAuthorPage
            Shares My Author Website: kristalmckerrington.com
            Solstice: http://store.solsticepublishing.com/joe-e-legend/
            Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Joe-E.-Legend/e/B00DUBQTG0/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_2?qid=1380981690&sr=1-2

       14.  Most important – where can we buy your story?
                   You can grab a copy of the book at: http://www.amazon.com/Waking-Up-HisWifeebook/dp/B00F56DH2M/ref=la_B004KRVFTO_1_4?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1380981823&sr=1-4


Strong, muscled, chiselled, good looks and a gentleman to boot. This is what Anna's friends thought she married, however this wasn't what she had caught. They thought she caught herself a fighter. Instead she caught herself trouble on two legs.


The sudden movement of her burying into the thick duvets, pillows and sheets made pain explode through the front of her head.  Pain lashed out at the backs of her eyes making tears form just behind her eyelids, they threatened to spill over.  The heat of her tears clashed against the cool air of the room, leaving her eyes protesting against it. The hot burn of them was enough to send her cold hands flying to them, in desperate hope of cooling them. 

            The room started to spin and aches started to take over the rest of her body. Like a marching of soldiers, with a steady, determined pace. The aches came in a series of waves making her feel dizzy and sick. Almost as if she found herself in the grips of the rough, wild and explosive Irish Sea. With its venom for ships and those who tried to conquer it on a daily basis. She felt like death and it wasn't a feeling she'd ever been to use to.  It wasn’t a feeling she wanted to get use to or ever have to deal with again.

            She barely ever drank; she was more use to being on ‘drunk patrol’ rather being drunk herself.  Without opening her eyes, she knew she faced down a killer of a hangover.  She knew this wasn't going to be easily fixed by a simple aspirin and fry up.  She searched blindly for shades and hoped none of her clients were going to be too loud today.
            Her hand searched the bedside table and she found nothing. She tried to remember where she left them and felt sure they'd been there. She wasn't going to open her eyes to see where they were. She wanted to stay in the darkness as long as possible.
            “Aww.” She groaned and she replaced her head deeper into the embrace of her nest of pillows hoping relief might come out of more sleep. It offered her a welcoming embrace at the edges of her mind.  She hoped it might take her over soon as another wave of sickness finished beating at her. 
            She'd never felt this sick on boats crossing some of the worst oceans or in planes which felt like they might fall out of the sky.
            “How's the hang over?”  Came a voice which caused her head to jerk up and brought her eyes shooting open into the bright morning light of her hotel room.  A series of chain reactions shot off around her body like a pin ball in a pin ball machine.  Its reactions caused her to struggle to not whimper aloud against the pain that flooded her.  She instantly regretted her sudden movements.
            The entire room spun around her, her head screamed at her to lay it back down on the safety of the pillow.  She felt last night’s aftermath of alcohol race up her throat into her mouth and she forced herself to swallowed back.   The burn of it made her to cough against its alien presence within her throat.  Her body shivered against the sudden cooler air it met. It made the hangover punish her even more with its tight grip.
            Her mind got stuck on something far scarier.  She registered her client standing there in front of her.  Her mind became distracted by the sight of him there to take in the pain lashing at the back of her eyes. More pain whipped itself up some frosting, in the tender spot in her forehead. Her eyes feel like there were about to pop out of her sockets. 
            When the pain eased a bit more she focused on the man standing in front of her. She hoped it wasn't her client, but one of the other agents who might have put her to bed, after getting herself wrecked at the party. Instead when her fuzzy eyes focused she saw her worst nightmare.  Her client standing right in front of her, butt-naked and dripping wet.


  1. Kristal, your books look really interesting and your covers are beautiful. Sharon

  2. Thank you Sharon, thank you so much for taking part in this blog.