Friday, March 28, 2014

Marie Lavender is celebrating a year of guests on her blog with best selling author giveaways!

A Year of Guest Authors! (plus a multi-author book giveaway)

We’re reaching a real milestone today on Writing in the Modern Age.  It’s been a year since I’ve invited guest authors to appear on the blog.  A year of guest authors!

Since then, we have seen authors from many walks of life and from every genre.  From the first guest article, “Practical Advice for Beginning Fiction Writers” by Stefan Vucak, to the most recent interview with Doc Krinberg, it has been very interesting to watch the blog grow. 
First of all, I want to thank all of the guest authors who appeared on the blog this year (well, last year and this year…LOL).  It’s been a real treat to have you all visit.  I have enjoyed getting to know you and seeing samples of your work.  A lot of you have offered really good advice, advice I hope aspiring writers use in their journeys.  That, after all, was the real aim of Writing in the Modern Age – to not only show what the writing journey is like these days, but to help writers at any stage in their careers.  With our guest articles, writing tips in interviews, even comments given about the steps they took to be successful, I think there is a lot to offer for anyone browsing through the blog.  And with the launch of poetry spotlights, we suddenly got a flash into the minds of poets from time to time.  Take a moment to browse through our interviews, guest articles and poetry.  You won’t be sorry and you may find a new favorite author.  I am proud to call these Writing in the Modern Age authors, or #WritModAge as our hashtag says on Twitter.

It has been a really exciting ride.  And the success of the Writing in the Modern Age blog would be nothing without its readers.  Whether they came as loyal followers or to simply check it out from a social networking link, we have had over 36,000 page views, and numerous followers by Google and by email.  I am still surprised by the comments on the blog posts.  Sometimes they are directly on the blog, thanking the author for their insights, or just a comment on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.  Either way, I feel blessed by the wonderful participation from our readers.  So, thank you all for making this a great year of having guest authors on the blog!
As a thank you, we’ve all put together a big multi-author book giveaway.  We have 38 participating authors and 54 books to give away.  We have something for everyone, encompassing many different genres such as science fiction, mysteries, thrillers, paranormal/urban fantasy, romance, non-fiction, women's fiction, fantasy, new adult, erotica, literary fiction, drama, and young adult or children's books.  Below you will see each book listed under the author as well as a blurb and buy link for more information.  Also included are the genre, format and number of copies available.  To make this giveaway more interesting, we’re ONLY picking winners based on their comments on this post.  

If you’d like to be considered in the giveaway and get the chance to win a book or books, please comment below.  Instead of telling us which book you want, please give us a range of different of genres you’re willing to accept.  The same goes for a genre you absolutely don't want to read.  Please say so.  We want this giveaway to be as fair and random as possible, but if you don’t give us a range of genres you like or are willing to read, then some of those books won’t be given out and that would be a real shame for the authors involved.  These talented writers have given us their time and copies of their books.  And please don’t be shy.  If you like erotica, just say so.  If you’d like to remain anonymous in that case, just leave your first name and your email in the comments and we will contact you with further details.  Oh, that reminds me.  Although the blog does allow anonymous comments, please do give us contact details.  It is a lot of work to hunt down winners on various social networks.  And we want to locate the right person.  At least give your email so that we can find you to send your book along.
So, readers, let’s make this anniversary of Writing in the Modern Age great.  Get your comments posted and we’ll do a random drawing for winners next week.  You have the chance to win a book or, in some cases, lots of books!  As always, happy reading and thanks for being a part of this milestone on Writing in the Modern Age! 
 This is a fabulous giveaway but to win you must go to the link below and leave a comment.  Also, when you go to this link you will see all the books, complete with blurbs!

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