Saturday, May 24, 2014

Kat Holmes stops by Penny's Tales

Happy Memorial Day!
I am thrilled to have Kat Holmes in the hot seat today!  Let's get started.....

1: Tell us about yourself and what makes you tick and what you like to do when you aren’t writing.

Well, I’m a total cat person. I have two and they make life quite an adventure. I also enjoy music and reading. I spend most of my free time either reading or listening to audio books.

2: Tell us about your family – married? Kids? Where you live!

I’m not married and I don’t have children, though my kitties qualify as my kids. :-) Currently I live in Alabama. I used to live in NJ and miss it. We don’t get winter down here at all.

3: What brings you instant joy? Do you have a pet peeve?

My mom and my cats are the joys in my life. My pet peeve would be people who park their carts right in the middle of the aisle and then take their time getting what they want, thus guaranteeing no one else can get what they want or get around them.

4: What about weekly TV show? Why?

Agents of Shield. I am a huge Marvel fan and I love anything connected to it.

5: What is the scariest situation you’ve ever been in?

Most recently? I had a stroke. That was scary.

6: If you could have any fantasy what would it be?

Oh that’s easy. I am totally in love with Jarmon and Garrick from N.J. Walters’s Tapestry series. YUM!

7: Now tell us about your book.

Seeker is book 2 in my Hekate’s Web series. It’s my take on vampires. The hero, Atu is charged by the goddess Hekate with finding a magical orb before their enemies get it. To do that he kidnaps human psychic Edeline Comstock. But she has a few secrets of her own and before everything is over she just might bring Atu to his undead knees.

8: Where did you come up with the idea for your story?

Well, its book 2 of a series. I am currently writing book 3. The idea for the series came about from my love of both Greek mythology and vampires.

9: Where can people find you?

10: Most important…where can we buy your book?

It’s available from Muse It Hot Publishing, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and quite a few other vendors too. :-)

Atu is an ancient warrior and vampire long in the service of his king. He has no desire for home or family. But when the Goddess Hekate tasks him with finding an ancient artifact before his enemies do, he is forced to enlist the aid of a woman who drives him crazy.
Edeline Comstock has the sight and has been cursed and reviled for it by her family. When she finds herself under attack from a monster, a dark and dangerous man is her only salvation, or he might be her destruction.
Forced to aid Atu, time is running out to uncover the secrets of the past. But a far greater danger stalks Edeline, one from which there may be no return.


  1. Great interview. And I'm thrilled you love Jarmon and Garrik as much as I do. :)

  2. Apparently I will need to check that out. I have no idea who they are! What about Sam and Dean of Supernatural?????? Come on!

  3. You comment on what brings you joy was very sweet. You book looks really interesting. On my TBR list.