Monday, September 29, 2014

G. B. Miller presents the brand new The Inner Siblings

"Hiya folks, my name is Jeannie Mitchell and I'm here with my symbiont twin Aissa, and today we're here to talk about our good friend G.B. Miller's reboot and relaunch of his debut novel, The Inner Sibling. Aissa, would you like to do the honors?

Certainly my dear. Our good friend G.B. originally wrote a very cool story about our fascinating life together back in 2012. However, as much as we enjoyed reading about our exploits, wants and desires, we felt something was just a little bit off with the visual part of the package. Ain't that right, my dear sister?"

"Absolutely my dear twin, absolutely! We approached G.B. and carefully told him of our concerns. While he truly appreciated our candor and in fact, started harboring those same concerns within a year of publication, he told us there wasn't anything he could do until the story came back to him. Now, we fast forward to 2014 and..."

"And, in the summer of that year, he reacquired the rights to our wonderful story. He told us in no uncertain terms that this was the answer to our prayers and he was going to take full advantage of that 2nd chance. So, with a little tweaking of the title, and a hotter cover picture that the both of us our ecstatic about, we can now present to you, the wonderful reboot of our story, The Inner Sibling!"


  1. Who says we don't get a second chance. Way to go, GB!

  2. Good luck GB - how wonderful to get a second chance.

  3. Alex and Fil - Isn't it great that G. B. is doing this? Thanks to you both for stopping by.

  4. Alex: Thanks for the shout out!

    Fil: Yes, it certainly is.

    Penny: Thanks for having here today.