Friday, December 26, 2014

The best white elephant ever and the burning of a filthy liar!

Every year, FOR Christmas, we have a white elephant exchange at my mom's.  With there being about 30 of us, this way there isn't gift exchanges, etc.....just fun!  Rules - $10 white elephant and it can only be picked three times. 

This year we had a plethora of items from alcohol (always a good gift) to huge boxes of peanuts to scratchers!  One person got some scatchers and these knitted things.  We figured out the gift was from my mom.  "What is this for mom?"  It's a penis warmer!  Alrighty, then.

ANYWAY, I had told my hubby I wanted a digital scale as one of my gifts. 

He said, "We have a scale." I said, "It lies!"

Low and behold, there was a digital scale as a white elephant.  I ended up getting and keeping it.
It weighs 1.5 pounds lighter than our old one.  It is my new best present ever!  Come on - a pound and a half, is a pound and a half!

So, the filthy liar that lived on my bathroom floor will be added to the camp fire tonight, when neighbors come up for our after Christmas celebration!   


2015 is right around the corner!  I'm wishing health, wealth, and happiness to you all!!!!!

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