Sunday, August 23, 2015

Valerie (Falconer) Rainey and her wonderful story, Sunny's Grand Adventure

Sunny’s Grand Adventure is available exclusively through my site at 

It is a printed story/colouring book limited to 1000 copies. 

Follow the links on Val’s Books for Kids.

About Sunny:
Sunny is a brave little daisy with a special dream. She wants to fly!

Having a dream is the easy part. How to make it come true is the part that takes a whole lot of work and even more courage. We know what we want but how do we get there?

Well, when you have some very special friends who are willing to help it’s a whole lot easier.
Sunny teaches children of all ages that it is important to have a dream and to be brave enough to share it with others.

She encourages children to draw and improve their reading skills as they read along with mom and dad at bed time. There is lots of room to add to the drawings or add your own in the white spaces. Hey go ahead…it’s your book.

Sunny is a fun bedtime book for mom and dads to read with their children.

A bit about Valerie
I have been asked many times why I write. I have to. It’s that simple. My mom wrote some really cool poetry and verses as a teenager and her mom wrote a lot as well so I can hardly escape the inevitable.
I also like to read so I figure that if I write I’ll always have something to read.
As for my reading I like fun who done its. Two of my favourite authors are Lillian Jackson Braun who wrote the totally delightful Cat Who series and Edith Partiger’s Brother Cadfael a twelfth century Welsh Benedictine Monk.
Through all of my adventures and misadventures I have always had my writing to help give me a sense of sanity.
Whether it’s helping a student improve their reading skills through the PAL program (Partnership Approach to Learning), hosting writing workshops or creating verses and poems I love it all when it comes to writing.
In February 2010 I married my husband Brian who definitely appreciates the fact that I can’t stand to be late for anything! We still live in Lethbridge with no dogs or cats…just us.


  1. What an adorable looking story, Valerie. Thanks for sharing it on Penny's Tales!

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