Saturday, March 5, 2016

It's out! Book 1 of The Thornton Trilogy

Gabe, The Thornton Trilogy, is out!  This is Book 1 and it's the continuing story of Brian and Joanna Thornton of Revenge, the Cowboy Way!

Gabe Thornton inherits the Double Bar Ranch from good friend and neighbor Bill (Pappy) Thomas, but there are conditions.   Last Will and Testament states five hundred acres have been set aside for his only niece, or interested heirs.  The property must be lived on for a year or said acreage will revert back to Gabe.
Molly Blackburn shows up in Bastrop, Texas, to claim the land her great uncle has left her.  Though she knows nothing about cattle ranching, she has no other choice when her father passes away.
Gabe is sure she won’t last a month and he tells her so, but greenhorn or not, she swears she will be there till the bitter end, no matter what! 
Will she give up her land or will she find more than just a cattle ranch in Bastrop?

Be watching for - Colt, The Thornton Trilogy, Book 2 and Rebecca, The Thornton Trilogy, Book 3


  1. Congratulations on Book 1 in the new trilogy! Sounds like a winner. Love the name Colt.

  2. TEHE...Thanks JQ for taking a look!