Sunday, June 26, 2016

It's Everybody Reads YA Sunday!

On June 28, it will be 238 years since the The Battle of Manmouth during the Revolutionary War.  It was also the day Molly Pitcher became a hero in the eyes of many of the soldiers.   Do you know her story?  See it through the eyes of a twenty-first century seventh grade princess and a nerdy brainiac that find themselves back in time on that fateful day.

Flash to the Past

Can snooty, seventh grader Kristy Sawyer’s day get any worse?  It’s a Monday at Langdon Middle School and first thing in the morning Kristy is sent to see Principal DeWitt. His long, drawn out lecture makes her late for Miss Wickware’s history class. But the worst is when she finds out she is being partnered with nerdy Larry Peables to do an oral report on some historical Molly Picture, or Pincher, or Pitcher.  And the report is due tomorrow!

Her plan to bat her eyes and flirt with the little nerd, sure that he will jump at the chance to do whatever she wants, blows up in her face when he flat refuses to do the research.  Her day takes a drastic turn for the worse when she and Larry find themselves in 1778, Trenton, New Jersey.  During their trip back in time, Kristy and Larry come face to face with the British, George Washington, become involved in the Battle of Manmouth, and of course, meet their oral report subject, the famous Molly Pitcher.

She has only Larry to help her figure out why they are there and how are they going to get home.

Flash to the Past is Book 3 of the Wickware Sagas.  There are five stories all together.  Please visit my author page at MuseItUp or Amazon and you can check out all five stories. 

There is also a printed version with all five stories – The Wickware Sagas

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