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SPOTLIGHT - Starla Kaye and her STEAMY book, So Hot a White Knight

He had gotten too busy for her. You didn’t get do-overs in life.

Essie’s life as a chemical engineer isn’t exciting. Neither is her love life. Is it too much to ask for a “sexy beast” of a man to focus on her for one night?

Allowing his business to consume him, Trevon makes the worst decision of his life. He lets the right woman go. With the help of Madame Evangeline’s matchmaking service, he may get a second chance to prove he is what Essie needs.

Warning - X rated teaser......

She inhaled sharply, and her long legs stilled. When he picked up one foot and lifted it toward his mouth, she gasped.
“What are you doing? Have you developed some kind of foot fetish?” She gulped, but she didn’t jerk her foot away.
Grinning at the idea, he kissed the top of her foot, stroked the bottom with his other hand, earning a squeal. “Still ticklish?”
This time, she did pull her foot away. “Yes.” But she didn’t look upset with him anymore. More curious about what he might do next.
The temptation to pick up her foot again was strong, but the desire to do far more was stronger. He noticed the moisture beaded on the curly hair of her muff. His pulse raced in his veins, and his brain shifted into a higher gear. He wanted to plunge into her warmth, drive deep, and take her fast and hard. The “beast” in him ready to be let loose.
Fighting for control, he met her gaze. “Whatever you want, honey. Name it. I’ll do it.” Or he would try damn hard to do anything she desired.
“Really?” she asked, sounding hopeful.
“Anything but stopping now.” He would die if he couldn’t have her, soon.
Those expressive eyes turned smoky warm. Her breath hitched, and the smile she gave him did him in. He wanted to spread those long, shapely legs wide and slide into her as deep and hard as she could handle. He ached for it so much he almost shook with the need.
When he took too long, she furrowed her brow. “What are you waiting for? An invitation?” She pulled her legs up and shifted her thighs apart, presenting him with a precious sight that stopped his breath. “Something like this?”
She kept surprising him. Bold and determined. God, I love this change in her.
“The offer is only good for so long. My legs are already getting tired of this position.” Yet she continued to stay open to him.
He groaned at her brazenness, and his cock swelled even more. “I love a pushy woman.”
“It’s something new I’m trying out.”
“Well, I like it.”
Trevon inched forward, bent over to touch her center, wet with arousal. His gut tightened, sensing trouble. You would think he was a newbie at this. Damn. “I’m not sure how long I’m going to last this time,” he grumbled in annoyance.
She gave him a confused look. Distracting her, he thrust one finger past her soft lips, deep into her heat. Tight. The realization gave him a real rush. “Oh, honey,” he groaned again, pulled his hand almost away, and slid two fingers back inside her moist body.
“Oooh,” she gasped, clenching around him. She smiled at him like a temptress and squeezed her inner muscles around his fingers. “Well, we’ve got most of today. Tomorrow, too, if you want.” She arched her lower body upward, still clamping onto his fingers. “And you’ve got a whole box of condoms that shouldn’t go to waste.”

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Professional Bio: Shoulda, woulda, coulda…words from a song on the radio. Words that get right to a writer’s heart, to her imagination. They certainly get to Starla Kaye’s imagination. She’s a full-time, bestselling writer and always observing life and the world around her, searching for new story ideas.

Starla has published 86 romance titles, including contemporary, historical Western, Regency, Medieval, paranormal, sci-fi, and GLBT. Her stories always lean toward the sensual side of romance, some even erotic. Whatever happens within her stories, the characters face difficulties between the outside world and each other. They always manage to find love and respect for one another. 

The same has been true in Starla’s life. She has faced many challenges. She long ago met and married a wonderful man who supports her in every way…just as she does him.

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  5. I love Christmas in July! Especially when it's over 100 every day. I could use some chill time with these books! Merry Christmas!