Friday, December 2, 2016

A Carol Plays by Kari Trumbo and four others in this Christmas Anthology

Christmas Is In the Air

It’s a Christmas sugarplum celebration! Christmas in Cutter’s Creek means a Christmas social; sugarplum contest, dancing, a dash of mayhem and a heaping helping of romance.

 First off is Kit Morgan’s Recipe for Christmas. This novella is set in 1866 and is the very first Cutter’s Creek Christmas social, and so much mischief happens, it’s a wonder they had another! 
Lucius Judrow from Love is Blind has a brother and he’s on his way to Cutter’s Creek. Come see who Eldon meets in this hilarious and sweet romance!

The next is Vivi Holt’s Seasons of Love. It takes place in 1872. The social has changed just a bit. You’d think they’d learned with all the trouble, but no, the social is more fun than trouble. Margaret is a lonely school teacher from the East looking for a little love and adventure. She finds just that and a whole lot more in this sweet Christmas romance!

Third Christmas novella is just a few years later and the social has changed yet again, to a cider competition! The contestants get a little rowdy and words are said that might ruin Christmas! Felicity will need special help to solve this mess. Find out more in Annie Boone’s Christmas Spirit.

The fourth and final Christmas novella takes place in 1892 and rumors of Christmas social’s past dominate the festivities. Carol needs to find a husband and the new doctor in town provides a great opportunity. A snowball fight leads to romance in Kari Trumbo’s A Carol Plays.

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A Carol Plays  by  Kari Trumbo

His back was so broad and his movements so sure. She scooped a handful of thick heavy snow into her hand, forming it into a ball. As he grabbed for his mitts she launched her snowball at his wide back, hitting him between the shoulder blades. She turned and rushed on her way.

A snow clod landed at her feet exploding between her shoes. She danced away from the flying bits and turned, grinning at him. “You missed!” She laughed then shrieked as another ball hit her in the shoulder.

The snow was deep enough she didn’t have to lean far for another scoop of snow. She formed it in her hands calculating her next toss.

Dr. Gentry held up his hands. “White flag!” He smiled.

She lobbed it at his stomach. “I didn’t see a flag with all this snow.”

He slid to the side avoiding the snow bomb. His intense eyes took her in as he walked slowly for her, forgetting the shovel. He stopped right in front of her. The passion in his gaze stopped her and she backed a step away. He gazed down into her eyes then down to her lips. She gasped and glanced away.

“We should get you to the chapel.” His voice rumbled between them and he touched her elbow.
Her heart tripped over itself as she backed another step from him. “I’m sure I can get there.” She turned and his grip grew tighter. She couldn’t leave, but part of her didn’t want to. Part of her wished they weren’t standing out in the street in front of everyone.

“I know you can get there, but let me be the gentleman I’m expected to be and take you there.”


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