Thursday, May 11, 2017


When all the Mother's Day hoopla has died down, 
what better way to relax than to 
set down and read one of the 
American Mail Order Bride stories
that you were able to buy for

Here are some of the stories on sale......

Kristy McCaffrey - Alice: Bride of Rhode Island 

Patricia Carroll - Constance: Bride of Florida

Ashley Merrick - India: Bride of Indiana

Ashley Merrick - Beth: Bride of Massachusetts

Linda Hubalek - Lilly: Bride of Illinois

Peggy Henderson - Emma: Bride of Kentucky
  Kirsten Lynn - Gillian: Bride of Maine

Margaret Tanner - Edwina: Bride of Connecticut

Lily Graison - Anna: Bride of Alabama

P A Estelle - Hannah: Bride of Iowa

Kit Morgan - Lottie: Bride of Delaware

Kit Morgan - Leora: Bride of California

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