Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Facts About Ghost Writing from Karen Cole

Ghost Writing is for Everyone
By Karen Cole

A lot of people seem to think that there is something wrong with ghost writing. They believe that to hire a ghost writer is to do something immoral or illegal, and that the client hiring the ghost writer isn’t really writing their own book, screenplay, rap music or whatever. This is simply not true.
When you hire a ghost writer, you are making an arrangement for a professional writer to work on and complete your writing project. It’s still your own work, and the ghost writer usually signs over all copyrights to it. The basic idea is that the work belongs to the client, and you are simply hiring someone to assist you in the mechanical act of writing or creating the project. It’s a lot like owning a car and hiring someone to work on it for you; there’s nothing immoral or illegal about it.
Also, a lot of people seem to think that ghost writers are only for celebrities, politicians to write their speeches, or people with tons of money to spend. This is also simply untrue! Ghost writers work for all different kinds of payments, including shared credit for their work and net percentages, to make it easier for their ghost writing clients to pay for the work. Most ghost writers tend to charge in upfront installment payments, and you can stretch the payments out over a great length of time if needed.
So there are always payment options. And our own ghost writing service tends to charge less than many other such services, for example. You can get a decent job of ghost writing done for anywhere from $2,000 USD to $30,000 USD, in an affordable price range that suits your own circumstances and budget. This is not to say you should always pay cheaply for ghost writing – it’s a matter of getting what you pay for – but you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get good, efficient ghost writing in many cases. Just don’t go to the bidding services, as they usually feature low quality ghost writing; go to ghost writing service websites and hire them directly from there.
Also, ghost writers are not limited to celebrity or political writing; they can write about pretty much any topic whatsoever. Some ghost writers are especially expert at doing research, so they don’t need to know that much about a particular topic in order to write about it expertly. Over the years, I have written in depth about subjects as diverse as English horse racing, the Holocaust, educating Russian school children, throwing house parties, how Dr. King was assassinated, Martian science fiction, Christianity and how it relates to martial arts, etc. etc. etc.
So you don’t have to have only well-known topics, be a celebrity or be doing something wrong or illegal to hire a ghost writer to help you work on your beloved book, screenplay, biography, memoir or other work. It’s really common practice nowadays, and a good ghost writer can really help you create the best and most professional job out of your work, making it read in a saleable and marketable manner. Many ghost writers can even assist you with getting your work optioned or published, and sold to a wide market as well. You should go ahead and hire a ghost writer today!

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  1. Penny, this was a wonderful reminder of what I heard Kathleen Duey speak about at Springmingle 09. She started her career by ghostwriting, and she's now an established writer with many children's books to her name. Wonderful article.

  2. Hey Kathi - thanks so much for stopping by. I had never even read an article on ghost writing until Karen approached me. Yep - I live under a rock!

  3. Karen,
    Recently I have been doing a number of edits for short stories (My specialty), since I'm a well published Short Story Writer. I suggested to a writer friend that she contact both a ghostwriter and an editor for her new book that will need to see print soon.

    She had read a number of my stories on-line, in magazines, and in books. She said, she enjoyed my writing style, and agreed she needed to have both services. Then, she asked if I would do the ghostwriting and editing. I said yes without any hesitation.

    This will be a very high-profile story, regarding her murdered son. I will be walking a tightrope, and also walking lightly, as I piece together this young man's wonderful story. My poem, I sent to her, opened wide this door for me. She took my poem to Diane Sawyer, her friend in New York. Diane instructed her to place my poem on the back cover of her book. I was thrilled!

    P.S. Karen, I enjoyed this posted piece of yours very much!

    Where eagles fly, Don (Greywolf) Ford

  4. I was inspired today to do some REAL Ghost writing, which I hope you find humorous.

    The Making of Filthy Dirty Money

    Shameless Paparazzi took a picture of the Headless Horseman, and a lawsuit is now pending in the courts. How terrible for anyone with a fair conscience to photograph this private and famous RIDE. This is going too far outside the box. Ichabod Crane has a legal right to this photograph. This is a desecration of History! No one, but no one, saw the headless horseman but Ichabod. I dare say this is a sacrilege.

    By showing this picture around to the world, it will ultimately change the course and understanding of history. This camera man obviously has never heard that it is best to let a dead or sleeping horse lie, than to dig it up for all the world to see. The punishment for such a crime will be harsh. Children are no longer afraid of the story anymore, now that we know for certain this headless man existed. It was the mystery surrounding that event that kept the story alive and so scary. The “What if” is gone!

    The sentence delivered:
    30 days in the stocks should serve him well, with only bread and water for his meals. Children will be provided with bushels of soft ripe tomatoes and a few potatoes to knock some sense into that noggin* of his.

    *Not to be confused with “noggin |ˈnägin| a small quantity of liquor, typically a quarter of a pint.

    This was posted in honor of dear Kate Middleton who had every right to privacy, when some jerk photographer wanted to make a filthy buck or two. Sorry, Kate!!!!

    Cheers, Don

    1. Nice Don....very nice - clear to the very last sentence!!!!!!