Sunday, July 28, 2013

Free Promotion

How would you like to get some free promotion?  Tell people about your book!  You can get a lot of traffic on your book and all you need to do is give a prize of your choice to one lucky commenter. (Copy of your book in eBook or print version, basket, jewelry, cash.  Whatever strikes your fancy.   CHRISTMAS IN OCTOBER!  Every Monday and Thursday, I will spotlight 5 authors a day, with the cover of their book, Tagline only, buy links, and the prize you will be giving away.  I will need 45 authors to participate.  On November 1, I'll draw just one commenter and they will win the whole 9 yards. I will email all participating authors the winner and it will be your responsibility to get that person your give away.

What's your thoughts folks!  Leave me a message or email me @  

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