Monday, July 1, 2013

John Rosenman stops by Penny's Tales

Blurb – Kingdom of the Jax:

Accompanied by Yaneta, his beautiful alien bride, Turtan travels across the stars to Cross Imperial Station.  The Jax, Overseers of the universe, have given him an amazing navigational device which can enable the Cross to quickly defeat their seemingly invincible enemy, the Cen, and end their five-thousand-year-old war.   

But will the Emperor welcome him to the station or order the execution of both him and his wife?  Turtan is, after all, endlessly resourceful and may learn the emperors’ terrible secret and act of betrayal concealed these past five hundred years.  Even if spared, Yaneta is still a member of the enemy and may be killed instantly. 

To succeed in his mission, Turtan faces an almost impossible task, one requiring not only luck but the full range of all the skills he has acquired in four thousand years as an elite agent. 

It is his greatest challenge ever.

Excerpt from the Beginning of Chapter Fourteen of Kingdom of the Jax:

          Yaneta was right.  When he woke up to her kissing him thirty-one years later, he liked it very much indeed, especially since her kisses soon grew into something more.  As the needles withdrew, he knew they should follow protocol and practice reintegration exercises (however, their current exercises appeared to be an admirable substitute!), and they should rush to the bridge to see how close they were to their destination, or even if their destination still existed.  Only as Yaneta mounted him for the second time and began undulating in interesting and creative ways, any thoughts of duty uncharacteristically left Turtan’s mind.  
            After a while, he tipped his loving Cen adversary over and rose on top.  The war continued, with the Cross now ascendant.  Yaneta grew sleek, slippery, and supple beyond belief.  She kissed every centimeter of his body, though he didn’t know how.  Next she tossed him over in a friendly revolt and coaxed yet another orgasm forth where he’d thought only exhaustion remained.
            “My God,” he gasped, “did you inject me with an aphrodisiac?”
            “Natural pheromones,” she said.  “Very mild.  By the way, how is your shoulder?”
            Oh yes, a ricochet at the station had given him a nasty burn.  During their lovemaking, he’d forgotten.
He twisted to examine the wound.   “It’s almost gone.  How—Oh.”  He remembered her licking it.
            “I just wish I could lick away your past,” she said.  Her hands slipped down, cupping and coaxing his buttocks.  “Come on, take us to paradise again.”
            He huffed and puffed.  “I’m too old for this.  Even older than Methuselah.”
            “Who’s he?”
            “Check your Bible.”
            “Check this.”
            She moved her hands. 
            “God,” he said.  “Holy—”
            “See what I mean about the hands of some Cen females?  Believe me, they can work miracles.”
            Turtan sucked in his breath.  Before him the doors of paradise not only opened, they yawned wide.

Titles: Inspector of the Cross
           Kingdom of the Jax

Series: Inspector of the Cross
Author: John B. Rosenman
Genre: SF Romantic Action-Adventure
Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing
                  All eBook Formats
Release date for Kingdom of the Jax: June 6, 2013

Inspector of the Cross:
Kingdom of the Jax:



  1. Thanks for posting and hosting me, Penny. It looks great. I just got back online. Someone put a block on my computer with a phony FBI scam thing. I was offline for two days. I need to get a laptop or an Ipad or something.

    Suzanne, thanks, I think it is a great boy book. But there's a great romance in it too (he said modestly) and a future female super agent in the form of a fourteen year old girl inspired by our granddaughter.

  2. What a wonderful cover and I think I would love this one. I am going to look this one up!

    Thank you John and Penny

  3. Your books look very interesting, John. I love the excerpt. Best of luck.


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