Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Alex Smith presents Planet Rush, Beginnings on Penny's Tales

Blurb:  In a universe far away their is a group of intergalactic protectors, the Intergalactic Order. The Intergalactic Order protects not one nor two but three galaxies so to do so they must train soliders. These soldiers are pulled from their planets as teenagers and trained four the next four years to protect and serve. Like any type of military, the Intergalactic Order has a set of soldiers that are trained to handle the more delicate situations that a rise between planets. These soldiers are known as Squadron students and are seen as the best of the best. These Squadron students are look up to but all pale in comparision to the highest of the high Squadron Alpha.

Excerpt: Olympus Academy play’s host to 3 different galaxies and when the Squadron Program is restarted, only the Squadrons will study on the planet their first year.  The next year the standard Intergalactic Order students return to the planet to train with the Squadron members. The Squadrons are the best of the best, the people who create legends and are valued above all for a very good reason. Why? We may never know but the Intergalactic Squadron Program is a cherished tradition and only the beginning of certain students lives.


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