Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Keirsten Beining stops by Penny's Tales

The Changing Faces of Destiny

When seventeen year old Destiny Zorock lost her mother to cancer, she fell into a deep depression and when everyone else turned their backs on her, one stuck by her; Alec. With the help of Alec, she finally manages to break free from her abusive father but Jake refuses to let go without a fight! The two friends grow closer as they are forced to go on the run, but is Destiny on the run from something else as well, something a lot closer to home? As the pages turn of her dramatic life story, revelations await, unlikely friends are found and her father will continue to hunt her until she is dead! One thing’s for certain, whatever happens, It’s not fate, it’s Destiny!

Keirsten Cheryl Beining, born on October 22, 1992, resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she attends Carlow University as an Art Therapy Major.
She aspires to become an elementary school art teacher. She dabbles in drawing, painting, portraits and of course writing. Keirsten began writing “The Changing Faces of Destiny” when she was only in the eleventh grade and enrolled in the Governor Mifflin High School in Reading, Pennsylvania.Writing has always been a passion for Keirsten and she is very proud of her work. She is also working on a sequel for this series. She feels very strongly about stopping abuse and having a happier world.

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  1. Great book especially for teens! check this out for more stuff for college students!