Wednesday, April 9, 2014

WHAT DID THAT KID SAY? Warning - X rated


No matter how long I had worked at the school, some of the things that came out of kids' mouths (no matter what the age) left me with my mouth hanging open.

I hadn't been working there long and I was coming off of bus duty, hurrying back to the office as the first bell was going to ring, when a second grader came running up.  "Teacher, teacher,"  (I was called teacher many times, even though I was the secretary) "That boy called me the "E" word."

Now words are running through my mind that could be offensive that started with e....I came up with nothing!  "What "E" word?"  Keep in mind, the hallway was filled with kids, teachers, and a few parents.


It was as if the whole world was moving in slow motion.  I watched as heads from every person around practically breaking their necks to get a glimpse at me and the little darling that was staring up at me with innocent eyes.  Except for the "gasps" that e word seemed to bounce off the walls in the deafening silence.

"Hey!" was all I could come up with at the time.  Another mistake.

"I'm not kidding.  He called me a..."

"I got it!"  I told him, taking him over to a place where we could talk.  Now do I correct him and say, "Fucker is not an "E" word" or "That is inappropriate" or "Just ignore it".

I think I came up with......"Tell your teacher!"


  1. I am a retired teacher and oh how I remember those kind of days. Thanks for making me laugh!


    1. Of course Shannon. I have so many of these as I'm sure you do too. Thanks for stopping

  2. Just shows the deplorable state of education nowadays ... obviously that kid can't spell. We need to do something to ensure that schoolkids are provided with a list of dirty words and how to spell them properly!

    1. As this was 20 years ago...It came as a shock. But as I worked more and more with them, my sensitivity became hardened. So many stories. I can laugh now!