Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What Did That Kid Say?


In the years I worked for the school district (that shall remained unnamed) I often times subbed for different areas.  One of these was the dreaded ISD room.  In School Detention.  I would cover occasionally when the ISD gal wanted to go to lunch, etc.

We had a little kindergarten boy (I will call him Johnny) that was a holy terror.  Well he landed in ISD for some infraction during his lunch hour.  I won’t lie – he actually lived in ISD during his lunch hours.  ANYWAY….I was looking at a paper he was working on and I suggested he redo a few of his math problems.

ME – “Johnny, I think you should recheck some of your answers.”  Innocent eyes looked up at me.

JOHNNY – “Are you a math teacher?”

ME – “No”

JOHNNY – “Well you have been out of school a long time.  I think I know what I’m doing.”

I WAS ONLY IN MY LATE 30s!!!!  I never got a swelled head in this job!


  1. Oh dear. I subbed at schools a few times after we sold our business. I had no training in special ed but the principal had me take the class eventhough I was told I would be taking an English teacher's class. Say what? Horrible, horrible day. Most of the kids ended up in the principal's office!! He could deal with them, not me.

    1. Your comment really made me laugh! The really strange thing is my granddaughter said something that was almost identical to what this kid said! COME ON!!!