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Robyn Echols, and Aurora Redress, Book 2 of the Aurora Series is in the hotseat!


Aurora Redress is the second book in the Aurora Series by Robyn Echols. The first book, Aurora Rescue, is also available with the third, Aurora Recover, due out late in 2015.
Is Eddie Burrows dead or alive? Only a few know where he is—and when. The Aurora Series continues as Marty Clark makes a startling discovery about the mountain on which she and her dog, Hunter, landed. As she searches her cell call history and realizes what went different than planned, her disappointment turns to excitement. Can she find Eddie and help him use aurora power to return home with her? What will happen to Kezia, the runaway slave she befriends when she stumbles upon a station in the Underground Railroad?
In 2024 Colorado, Cy Riverton agrees that finding Eddie and bringing him back is a priority, even though it means he must fend off the increasing threat to his own freedom as he is pursued by “Cowboy” FBI Special Agent Lee Hardin who is investigating Eddie’s disappearance.


Cy was nowhere to be seen yet. Marty was too happy to be home to be worried about him running late. Besides, maybe with the time zone difference, it was she who was running early. All she knew was that he had come through for her the whole time she was gone. She was confident he would soon find her and take her and Hunter home.
Wait until he finds out I beat him to Dead Man’s Drop.
Delighted at the thought, Marty considered how much fun she would have teasing him about it. She resisted the impulse to call him. Making a call on this mountain was what started her adventure into the past in the first place. She wanted no more of that.
Then she remembered. She needed to send him a text to tell him she was back so he knew for sure where to come and pick her up. But, she decided to not take any chances. First she was going to get off the rocks and hike partway down the mountain before she activated her wrist screen cell again.
Marty stood up and stretched. It was time to climb off the rocks that formed the crest of the mountain. She called to Hunter to follow her.
It was only as she started to make her descent and looked back that Marty realized something was wrong. There were no cliffs on the west side of the rocks. The trees around her did not belong to the Colorado Rockies. Instead of seeing rock-strewn dirt at the base of the boulders, all she saw were ferns and more bushes.
Marty groaned with realization. She was not back on the cliffs at Dead Man’s Drop. She was no longer on Chimney Rock, but she definitely was not back in the Rockies.
What went wrong? Where am I now?
Marty’s eyes filled with tears.


Robyn Echols has been writing since she was in junior high school. By choice, she spent most of her evening hours in her "dungeon", as her mother called her downstairs bedroom, writing stories, only joining her family in front of the television upstairs when her favorite programs were playing. She has spent hours learning and teaching family history topics, and focuses on history from a genealogist's perspective of seeking out the details of everyday life in the past. Several of her family history articles have been published in genealogy magazines. She also draws on her education, including training in Environmental Hazardous Materials Technology and her professional background of being a state-level union steward for a postal union, a position which required investigative, research and technical writing skills.
Now Robyn resides with her husband in California near the “Gateway to Yosemite” and has fun researching and writing the books that she hopes will interest and entertain her readers. She writes Young Adult/New Adult and contemporary fiction under Robyn Echols and adult historical romance under her pen name, Zina Abbott.

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