Thursday, March 5, 2015

Robyn Echols presents her book, Aurora Rescue on Penny's Tales!


Aurora Rescue is the first book in the Aurora Series by Robyn Echols. The second book, Aurora Redress, is also available with the third, Aurora Recover, due out late in 2015.
The summer of 2024, when Solar Cycle 25 reaches its zenith is a time of auroras and adventure for Marty Clark, high school graduate, and her former tutor, Cy Riverton, age 18, a physics and math prodigy entering the master's program at the university. For Cy, the hike to Dead Man's Drop Cliff means gathering information to solve the toughest physics problem he has ever faced: How did his friend, Eddie Burrows, disappear from there during 2024 Spring Break and end up in Pennsylvania in the year 1857? Marty joins the hike to spend time with Cy, someone she hopes will someday be more than a friend, just days before she is to leave on a two-month history immersion tour. She has no idea just how immersed in history she will shortly become.
As a joke, Marty calls Cy's cell number while on Dead Man’s Drop Cliff. That starts an adventure through time that takes her from 1748 western Pennsylvania to 1758 Maryland where the fox terrier, Hunter, joins her. She befriends a Lenni Lenape woman, Green Corn, and stays with a colonial Englishwoman, Maggie. While trying to decide the culture in which she could live a happier life if Cy cannot figure out how to get her home, she finds herself threatened by tribal warriors and British colonists alike.
Only after Marty disappears does Cy realize how much she means to him. He communicates with Marty using text messages while he evades pursuit by FBI Special Agent Lee Hardin who remains suspicious of Cy's involvement with Eddie. Will Cy and Marty discover how to become reunited before time has run out for them?


Marty stood mere yards away, barely winded. She smiled widely at Cy while her eyes glittered with amusement. Even though she stood next to the boulders that now towered above her, the wind still whipped around Marty. She ignored the flapping of her hat brim and poncho. On impulse, she hit the shortcut key for Cy’s cell number again to call him.
Marty wanted to tease Cy. She intended to ask him if he received her message. She never had the chance. As soon as she pressed “send”, a prickly feeling started traveling up her arm from her wrist and hand that were closest to the wrist screen. It then went up to the back of her neck, then to her head and back down until it enveloped her whole body. She felt her body separating into billions of particles that began to spin with increasing speed. She no longer felt as though she was standing on the ground, surrounded by the earth and sky. Instead, she was falling through space. Small flashes of light spun around her, creating a tunnel of white streaks that wrapped around her like a cocoon.
What was happening to her?
Marty called out to Cy for help.


Robyn Echols has been writing since she was in junior high school. By choice, she spent most of her evening hours in her "dungeon", as her mother called her downstairs bedroom, writing stories, only joining her family in front of the television upstairs when her favorite programs were playing. She has spent hours learning and teaching family history topics, and focuses on history from a genealogist's perspective of seeking out the details of everyday life in the past. Several of her family history articles have been published in genealogy magazines. She also draws on her education, including training in Environmental Hazardous Materials Technology and her professional background of being a state-level union steward for a postal union, a position which required investigative, research and technical writing skills.
Now Robyn resides with her husband in California near the “Gateway to Yosemite” and has fun researching and writing the books that she hopes will interest and entertain her readers. She writes Young Adult/New Adult and contemporary fiction under Robyn Echols and adult historical romance under her pen name, Zina Abbott.

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  1. Morning Robyn and many thanks for being a guest on Penny's Tales. Book looks fabulous!

  2. Thank you so much, Penny. I appreciate you featuring my new adult novel today.

  3. Your story sounds very good Robin. I have it on my list. Yosemite? It must be beautiful where you live.

  4. Thank you. I live in the central valley of California, just west of Yosemite. We go there at least once or twice a year. The surrounding mountains are beautiful, too. Thanks for reading and commenting.