Monday, May 18, 2015

Illustrator Elizabeth Eichelberger stops by Penny's Tales

I am very excited to have the talented Elizabeth Eichelberger as my guest today! 

First let me ask a few off the wall questions that lets us know about the real Elizabeth Eichelberger

  1. Tell us all about yourself and what makes you tick?

I am a 42 year old chronologically speaking, but mentally I am probably closer to 18. I love to sing and draw. If I am not singing or drawing, chances are likely I am cleaning.......I am a bit of a neat freak! Usually I am singing whilst cleaning or drawing.

2. Tell us about your family – married? Kids? Where you live!

I was raised in Miami by my Mother and maternal Grandmother. I am the youngest of 7 (half siblings) and am the only child of my parents. Trust me....that is a confusing one to explain to people!

I am quite happily married and mother to a beautiful 11yr old daughter, who also just happens to be my best friend! We live in a very rural portion in the middle of nowhere, Florida!

  1. If you could travel anywhere in or out of this world, where would it be?

I have been so very lucky to have traveled somewhat. I have been to Jamaica, the Bahamas, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, St. Thomas, St. Croix, Aruba, many parts of Mexico, and Colombia. In the states, I have been all up and down the eastern sea board. Growing up I would visit my Father once in a while in Key West, Florida. The furthest west I have ever been in the states though would be New Orleans shortly after Hurricane Katrina. There are so very many destinations I desire to see but the top destination on my list has always remained Egypt.

  1. What is your favorite all time movie?

For roughly 34 years it was Xanadu. It was a natural fit growing up in the 70's and 80's. This year that changed. I am presently obsessed with Maleficent!

  1. What about weekly TV show? Why?

Although I do not especially care for most television shows lately...I will admit that Criminal Minds is my guilty pleasure. I also loved the soon to be cancelled CSI. I am eagerly anticipating the mini returns of both The X-Files and Heroes as I was quite the fanatic of the two.

  1. What is the most scared you have ever been?

Although at 9 I had a gun held to my head, that was NOTHING compared to watching my Mother lose her fight to lung cancer. Knowing I could do nothing to stop it and realizing I would lose her is a fear that is unimaginable and I hope to never experience that fear or loss ever again.

  1. If you could have any fantasy, what would it be?

My mind resides in fantasy. I dream it and draw it. I would love nothing more than to live in a castle by an enchanted forest where fairies play and dragons soar! As I also am extremely fond of the ocean, I would also envision my back yard as the sea with serpents and mermaids.

  1. Now, Tell us about your journey becoming an illustrator? How long have you been drawing? What inspired you to get into this field? Give us the scoop!

Ahhh, this illustration has been, thus far, quite a beautiful experience! I have been drawing since before I could hold a pencil accurately. As a toddler I drew and colored. I honestly do not remember ever not drawing. My favorite electives in school were always the art classes! I often was in trouble for doodling during my academia classes. I considered commercial art marketing for college, until I learned that the courses involved digital art and graphics. Mind you, in the 90's that meant something TOTALLY different than it does today. Young and not too bright, I opted out. Then I foolishly saw digital art as cheating. I loved organic art. Nothing quite like a paint brush or charcoal between my fingers. Developing arthritis, neuropathy and carpal tunnel syndrome humbled me quickly. I was sketching and painting less and less. Then.....I was given a tablet for Christmas. I found an app called Infinite Painter. I was amazed at what I could create. It had a learning curve and it was almost like learning to draw from scratch after 35 years! I suddenly was drawing again. All of the time. A close author friend I had grown up with then introduced me to a game called Draw Something. I discovered an entire community of people who shared my artistic passion. This same friend then introduced me to an author in need of an illustrator....the rest as we say, is history! I am so very excited to have new books out with my illustrations simultaneously! The past year has been quite a whirlwind. Being so very blessed to illustrate four picture books.

  1. What is your favorite thing about drawing?

Being able to create my own universe. Manipulating any aspect I want. I love pop surrealism and low brow art and obviously fantasy! To draw what does not exist but then leave it as a lasting impression to the viewer is what I absolutely love the most. I love photography but that is recreation, as is photo realism art. For me, I absolutely LOVE creating something from my mind and others actually liking my madness.

  1. What is your biggest pet peeve about illustrating for others?

I have been so lucky to work with amazing authors. Those who have allowed me to illustrate for them have never done anything I would consider a peeve. What is perhaps the biggest peeve is when an author does not choose me and then I see work virtually exact copies of the samples I gave them.

  1. Where can people find you? (give all your links)
My website









Colors live








Take a peek at some of these unbelievable pictures!

Now I must say I am a real fan of Ms. Eichelberger as I got this....

Are you in the market for an illustrator?  Elizabeth is the epitome of a professional and an absolute gem to work with.  Contact her at or check out the above website!

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  1. Thank you so much for being my guest today, Elizabeth. Your pictures are amazing!