Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Little Story About Living Off The Grid

My hubby and I moved up to our retirement home in 2009.  We are totally off the grid - wind and solar only.  Believe me, if it didn't cost $100,000 to bring in electricity, we would have it! 

To live off the grid you need solar panels and several banks of batteries.  We also have two wind generators and that's a plus, but not needed.  Anyways, we bought our forth bank of batteries and thought, "Wooooo Hooooo - we can stop drinking instant coffee and have an actual coffee maker!"

Went right out and bought a programmable Mr. Coffee.  Yesterday, as I am a very early riser, it was set to start perking at 4 a.m.  We found out that the perking of a coffee maker puts a serious hit to our voltage, as we thought it might.  New plan......I would start it at 5 a.m. as in the summer it's light enough and the voltage will be on the rise.  As I look outside, I see the sky is sea of dark clouds with the rumbling of thunder off in the distance.  UGH - Where is my instant coffee!

Even living off the grid I am able to write stories.  I write for the very young (picture books) to the middle grade kiddos (fantasy, time travel, contemporaries) to the older folks under P. A. Estelle (family drama, romances of all kinds - paranormal, contemporaries, historical western.  You can take a look at all I write at

Thanks for stopping by and..... keep your kids reading this summer!