Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Jesse Series - Two historical western romances

Jesse’s Find, Book One of the Jesse Series

What does a rancher do when he is in the middle of the Kansas plains and comes across a woman who has been shot, has an infant with her and has no memory of any of it.

Her expression was guarded as he approached.  “Who are you?” she asked.

“Jesse Mason.  I found you a few days back, about a mile from here.”

The girl scanned the room, as if looking for something.  “Can…can I please
talk to your wife?”

Jesse stiffened.  “I don’t have a wife.”

She took another step back.  “But…but the baby, and someone changed my

Jesse's Find - 99 cents

Jesse’s Nightmare, Book Two of the Jesse Series

Ginny and Jesse are expecting their first baby. It's almost April and even the snow that continues to fall doesn't dampen their moods - until something starts ripping apart the livestock.

But when Jesse comes home during a blizzard and finds his wife and daughter missing, he chokes on a fear that he hasn't felt in a long time!

She was making supper when Jesse came in. “You’re home early.” She didn’t look his way.

“Yea.” He put his hat on a peg and hung his jacket, watching her the entire time. Ginny was always there with a smile and a kiss when he came home. “Everything okay?” She didn’t answer, just nodded. “Ginny?”

When she looked up, her brown eyes were dark pools of unshed tears. She ran into his arms, sobbing.

“What in tarnation is wrong?” He held her as she cried. Finally he set her away from him so he could look into her face. “Is Sarah okay?” 

“Yes. This is silly.” She wiped her eyes and sat down at the table. For the first time Jesse saw the gun laying there. She met his eyes. 

“What happened?”

Jesse’s Nightmare, Book Two of  the Jesse Series – 99 cents

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