Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Day 6 in The American Mail Order Bride Series with Beth, Bride of Massachusetts

Feisty Beth Mitchell lives in the Boston area, and is used to being in charge and taking care of people, especially her beloved mother, so when the factory in Lawrence, MA where she, her sister, India, and her mother used to work, burns down in a suspicious fire, they find themselves in dire straits.

Circumstances dictate that Beth needs to become a mail-order bride, but it is with the understanding that her mother will join her. Business owner, George Montgomery, has no idea what he is in for. They both have secrets--he's filthy rich and needs to find a wife ASAP, because his sister and husband just died from the flu and he now has two small children to take care of. He wants to make sure he's not getting a gold digger, but someone who really is good with kids.

He places an ad for a mild-mannered woman who loves children. Beth applies to every ad, hoping that someone will agree to take her and her mother. George is the only one who agrees, but she has a secret too--she's not exactly who she said she was. Beth has no experience with children, the very thought of it makes her twitchy and she's far from timid. In fact, she is determined to get to the bottom of who burned down the factory, and why.


This project has made publishing history and has been more than 6 months in the making. Called The American Mail Order Brides Series, there are 50 books from 45 authors. Starting on November 19, there will one book published per day through to January 7, 2016. Each story is 35K - 40K in length and priced at $2.99.
For more information on release dates, the free prequel which ties the stories together, and each story, visit:   http://www.newwesternromance.com/

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