Monday, November 30, 2015

The Christmas Stockings by M.J. Jordon

This is a story about Christmas Stockings that you will want to include in your family Christmas Eve traditions. These are not the kind of stockings you usually hang on the mantle for Santa to fill.  No, these are a different kind of Christmas Stockings…a very special kind…
                    Families will appreciate the message about gratitude and appreciation for the ordinary gifts that we often overlook, as well a reference to the four themes of Advent: Hope, Peace, Love and Joy.  There are layers of meaning in this story, which will encourage conversation with your children.

M.J. Jordan resides in Richmond, Indiana, where she works as a healthcare professional and life transitions support person for birthing and dying.  Through these experiences she has developed a holistic and sacred life view and appreciation for all things that elevate the human spirit.

Brenda Pruet-Kunkel, fine artist and illustrator, is from Connersville, Indiana.  Her creative visions and love of color are expressed through various subject matter, style and mediums.  She participates in juried exhibitions, competitions, and promotes professional art education.  Her artwork is represented in private collections and galleries in Indiana, Ohio, Massachusetts, Tennessee, and Florida.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews
By bcooper on October 10, 2015

Reading The Christmas Stockings is sure to become a family tradition. A simple pair of socks brings happiness to a poor little girl and reminds us all that sometimes the simplest things bring the most pleasure. Beautifully illustrated and short enough to read in one sitting, The Christmas Stockings is the perfect book to share the true meaning of Christmas with a child or grandchild. I bought several and have given them for gifts and all were warmly received. Highly recommend!

By Amy J. McKee on November 1, 2015
This is a wonderful touching story that will make your holiday spirit soar!

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