Monday, December 7, 2015

Book 19 of The American Mail Order Bride Series continues with Ashley Merrick's India: Bride of Indiana

A heart-warming, holiday historical romance loosely inspired by the Beauty and the Beast fairytale.

After losing her job in a textile factory in Lawrence, along with a hundred or so other women, including her sister, India Mitchell has resigned herself to answering an ad to be a mail-order bride .India Mitchell's sister Beth, and her mother have already moved west, and now it's India's turn.

The only ad that appealed to her was from a man in South Bend, Indiana. Richard Blake is a widower with two young children. He stated in the ad that he lost his wife in a fire and was badly burned. Because of this, he doesn't expect to find love again. But his children need a mother and for their sake, he agrees to place an ad for a mail order bride. He makes it clear though that he is not looking for a true wife. There will be no romance in this relationship, he is simply looking for someone to care for his home and children and in return, he can offer financial security.

Everyone in South Bend gives India a warm welcome, except for Richard's mother, Kay, who was hoping to match him with her best friend's annoying daughter, Olivia. Olivia isn't letting a little thing like a marriage get in her way either. She's not ready to give up on marrying Richard either!

As India gets to know the quiet man who is now her husband, she sees beyond his scars to the beautiful man within. Richard inspires her with his giving nature and India looks for a way to give back to her community as well.

This project has made publishing history and has been more than 6 months in the making. Called The American Mail Order Brides Series, there are 50 books from 45 authors. Starting on November 19, there will one book published per day through to January 7, 2016. Each story is 35K - 40K in length and priced at $2.99.
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