Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Book 20 of The American Mail Order Bride Series continues with Michelle: Bride of Mississippi, by Cindy Caldwell

When Michelle Blake's world collapses and her job as a seamstress disappears, she thinks maybe her cousin, Josephine, has a good idea. She follows suit and answers an advertisement to be a mail order bride. She doesn't know much about Mississippi, but is willing to take a chance for a better life in a place where she might be able to use her sewing skills to benefit others.

Anthony Chandler's family has lived, loved and worked in Mississippi for generations and have been pillars of the community. With his parents gone, he’s now in charge of their faltering clothing business. And when his twin sister Adelaide dies, leaving him with her young twins, he doesn’t know where to turn for help but the Grooms’ Gazette. Even though Christmas is imminent, he places an advertisement and hopes for the best.

Michelle realizes that Anthony is unwilling to share his wealth with the needy in their community and when he actually forbids her to help, she believes she understands what kind of man he really is—one she could never love. But when the twins she’s fallen in love with show her their generous hearts, will this Christmas be like no other she’s ever experienced?


This project has made publishing history and has been more than 6 months in the making. Called The American Mail Order Brides Series, there are 50 books from 45 authors. Starting on November 19, there will one book published per day through to January 7, 2016. Each story is 35K - 40K in length and priced at $2.99.
For more information on release dates, the free prequel which ties the stories together, and each story, visit:   http://www.newwesternromance.com/

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