Sunday, August 14, 2016

Everybody Reads YA Sunday! Hike Up Devil's Mountain

An abandoned house, a magic stick, and the school bully, is all it takes to turn the lives of three boys upside down.  Their only hope lives on top of Devil’s Mountain.  The question is, will they survive the hike?

Excerpt from Hike Up Devil’s Mountain

Jason was getting closer to Andy.  His voice hissed through his teeth.  “You must think we are some kind of stupid.  We aren’t like the hicks who live in this town and if you think we would even begin to believe some story about an old witch who lived here, then you better think again!”  Jason pushed Andy hard against the wooden cabinet.

            Andy shut his eyes waiting for the first blow.  Nothing happened.  He squinted open his left eye and saw Jason’s head cocked to one side, trying to see behind Andy’s back.  “What have you got there, Andy Pandy?”

            Uh oh, the glowing stick.  Andy wasn’t about to give that up.  “Nothing,” he told him, trying to back away but there was no place to go.

            “Oh I think there is something,” Jason sneered.

            “It’s mine!” Andy shouted.  “You will have to do your worst if you think you are taking this from me!”

“No problem,” Jason said, lunging forward.  Andy tried to fake him out, pretending to run one way and then the other.  That didn’t work.  That never worked!   Jason grabbed Andy’s arm that held the stick and tried to grab it.  Something was going to break, and Andy wasn’t sure if it would be the stick or his arm.  They both fell and were rolling on the floor.  Andy knew he was losing this battle.  No matter how hard he held on, he could feel his new-found treasure start to slip out of his grasp.

            “Jason, stop it!”  Danny shouted.  “You’re acting like a big dumb toad!”

            “Yeah…you’re … acting… like…a…toad!” Andy gasped between each word. 

            The stick exploded into a flash of light and then the fight was over.  Andy jumped up, trying to fill his lungs with air.  What happened?  Danny came running over to where Andy stood.  “Where’s Jason?”  Andy couldn’t answer because he couldn’t catch his breath.  Danny yelled, “Jason, where are you?  Quit messing around!”

            His chest still heaving, Andy stammered, “I don’t know.  I . . . don’t know what just happened.”  

            They both looked to the floor.  Under one of the boxes was what looked like a pair of pants.  “Jason!” Danny hurried to lift the box.  No Jason — just his pants.  Lying close by were his nice Nike shoes, socks and a short distance away was his shirt.  “What did you do?” he yelled at Andy.

            “Nothing!  I didn’t do anything!  I . . . don’t know!”  Andy had no answers.  

            Danny tried again.  “Jason,” he screamed his name.  “Where are you?”

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