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It's Everybody Reads YA Sunday - Billy Cooper's Awesome Nightmare

Billy Cooper’s Awesome Nightmare

Billy Cooper’s seventh grade class has been given a last minute, weekend assignment.  They must all draw a piece of paper out of a box and do an oral book report on the person or event that was drawn.  Billy draws the name, William Tell, whoever that is.

            He has a full weekend planned, but figures he will do a quick computer search and will be able to skate through on the assignment, still having plenty of time for his busy weekend.

            His outlook changes when he finds himself in the fourteenth century, standing in front of William Tell’s house.  Billy’s twentieth century style and lingo has William Tell thinking the lad a little unbalanced, but asks him if he would like to go along with him and his son to the town of Altdorf.  It is here; Billy learns just who William Tell is and why he is a legend.

Small teaser……
Billy turned to William, “Dude, it’s a hat….a stupid hat. Really? Go to jail? You don’t even have to bow all the way,” he whispered, “just bend a little and call the guy a jerk under your breath.”
“I am a free man. I will not bow to a hat!” William stated loudly.
A booming voice rang out behind them. “Your disrespect for me will not be tolerated and you will be punished!”
William turned to see the Governor and several guardsmen behind them. “We do not live in Altdorf. I knew nothing of your proclamation. Still, you expect people to bow down to an empty hat?”
“Oh crap,” Billy muttered.
“What is your name?” Gessler asked.
“William Tell.”
“I have heard of you, Tell,” Gessler said, looking down from his horse. “Your skill as an archer is known far and wide.”
Tell did not respond, but Walter was quick to pipe up. “That is true. My father is the very best archer in all the lands!”
“Bro, ix-nay on the alk-tay,” Billy whispered.
“I am not an unreasonable man,” Gessler sneered. “I will make you a proposition, Tell. At fifty paces, your son will have an apple placed on his head. If you shoot if off successfully, you may go. If you miss, or you refuse, you both die!”
Billy Cooper’s Awesome Nightmare is Book One of the Wickware Sagas.  There are four more stories of students in Miss Wickware’s history class that find themselves transported back in time to meet the object of their school reports.
Ride of a Lifetime
Flash to the Past
Bumped Back In Time
From Riches to Rags
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The Wickware Sagas also comes in a printed version with all five stories!

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