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Lora Richards is in the house!

Lora Richards lives in Southern Ontario with her youngest of 4 children still at home and a diva dog named, Chachi who always makes her smile. Dee Days is the debut novel in her Dee Day Mysteries series, and it is offered with a free copy of the 2nd book, Dee Nights.
Twelve-year-old Deedee is much taller than her peers. This alone sets her apart, never mind the fact she is unable to participate in the latest fashion trends due to the rules set by her overly strict father. Her world is turned upside down when she meets a mysterious old lady named Isabelle in an abandoned skating arena, who enlists Deedee’s help to find her missing daughter Shawna. A series of incidents on her search have Deedee wondering if there really is such a thing as ghosts.
Summer Camp is so much more than Deedee imagined. She finally feels as if she fits in with her new group of friends, except she doesn’t know what to think of her reunion with a boy from the old neighbourhood. Odd encounters and a case of a missing purple bikini stir up all too familiar feelings of not being alone.
Could it be? Was it really happening to her again?
MJ and I ventured out to explore the new neighborhood after my dad left for work.
“Make sure you stay on our street, at least until you’ve had a chance to find your way around the neighborhood.” Mom wiped her sweaty hands on a tea towel and brushed back a stray strand of her dark blonde hair. “I think I saw a park at the end of our street. Why don’t you go there?”
Four blocks away, we saw what might be the park. The only things visible from the street were a bunch of trees and a path. Curiosity got the best of us, and we made our way down the narrow trail.
We’d only gone a few feet before we spotted what looked to be an old barn through the overgrown weeds and bramble.
“Come on, let’s check it out.” I stomped down a patch of weeds.
“I don’t think we should, Deedee.”
“Don’t be such a baby. I’m not going inside. I just want to get a closer look.”
“Okay, but if we get caught, I’m blaming everything on you.”
“What else is new?” I snickered. “Help me clear a path.”
We couldn’t get as close as I would’ve liked. The weeds were too thick, and I might as well have been alone for all the help MJ was.
“What does that say?” MJ pointed to a big board only hanging from one corner on the wall The letters were faded and paint chipped, but one of the words was pretty clear, Skating. I guess it’s an old Skating rink.”
“Okay, you found out what is. Can we please go now? This place gives me the willies.”
I shook my head and followed MJ back the same way we came. I’d definitely be back another day to explore. We kept to the path until it yawned open to a clearing—to the right, a baseball diamond, and to the left, a park. A creek ran along the length of the field. It looked like a pretty cool place to hang out. Too bad every other kid on the planet was at school. MJ and I climbed the equipment before we checked out the water. It looked to be about four feet wide and had stepping-stones to cross over without getting your feet wet.
A shiver ran up my back, and I turned to find the space behind me empty. I swear someone was there. I even felt warm breath on the back of my neck.
I stood and took a deep breath, not wanting to freak out MJ. “Maybe we should head home.” I scanned the length of the park and wiped my damp hands on MJ’s shorts. “Mom will only worry if we’re gone too long.”
“Hey!” MJ shook her head, setting her blonde curls in motion.
It’s funny, I’d always wanted her curls, and she always wished she had hair as straight as mine. The only thing we shared was the light blonde color.
I couldn’t stop thinking about the arena, and was certain I’d be back. It wasn’t the same as our old neighbourhood, but at least we found someplace cool to explore.
“I guess we start our new school on Monday.”
MJ skipped alongside me until I mentioned school. She stopped and bowed her head but not quick enough to hide the tears filling her big blue eyes.
“Don’t worry, Sis.” I put an arm around her shoulders. “If we stick together, everything will be fine.”
I didn’t tell her I was scared. At least with the nice weather we wouldn’t need to wear tights with our skirts. Maybe it won’t be too bad. I felt sorry for MJ being a little plump and very sensitive about it. Anytime someone teased her about it, she’d cry. I hoped she wouldn’t cry on the first day.
Sometimes I think about something way too much, and make it out to be far worse than it really was. Maybe, just maybe we’ll like this school better than the old one.
You can read another excerpt from Dee Days, as well as one from Dee Nights at Lora’s Blog
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  1. I enjoyed your excerpt,Lora! So true if you have straight hair, you wish for curly hair. And women with curly hair want straight locks. Your book sounds wonderful with lots of suspense with a missing daughter and etc.

    1. Diane - thanks for taking a minute to stop by. I am tossing your name in for the end of the month drawing for my summer basket!

  2. Thank you Diane. Be sure to enter through the contest form to be entered in the draw. Thanks and Good Luck!

  3. Stopping in to say hello, Lora. Nice excerpt. I can see that DeeDee has a lot going on in her mind, and a healthy dose of curiosity. So true about the hair. I've spent my entire life trying to make my straight hair look curly.

    1. Good morning Maggie. I appreciate your stopping by! Your name has been put in for the end of the month drawing for my "Get ready for summer" basket!

    2. hi Maggie
      It seems more people than I imagined have the same dilemma when it comes to hair lol Thanks for stopping by. I know how busy you are.

      Hi Penny
      Thanks for having me. I guess the sunshine is keeping people away from their computers. Can't say as I blame them. I'll leave the draw open until Friday.

  4. I am late to comment but I still want to say this book sounds good.sad part I do not have an ereader and read only print books but I can still use it on my computer. I also have an offer for you. I run a small community library and have a table where I have author's promo items on display for everyone to see and find out about authors. I would be happy to place some of yours on there too, this is free of charge I love to help spread the word of new books and authors. sue Leech, 1273 Strahan rd., New Columbia, PA 17856

  5. Hi Susan
    What a generous offer I will be in touch. Dee Days/Nights comes out in print this fall. You are in the draw. Good luck!

  6. Congratulations to Kari, winner of the ecopy of Dee Days/Nights and Maxine, the winner of the dragonfly necklace.

    Both winners have been contacted via email.
    Thank you to Penny for having me. Thanks to all who stopped by.

    Wishing you Miles of Smiles :)

    Lora Richards.