Friday, January 29, 2016

Sue Felder's wonderful picture book, Rusty's Chronicles

Rusty's Chronicles More than a Puppy Dog Tale....

The simple nature of Rusty's journal entries portrays a youthful outlook on life. Fun adventures await Rusty while learning valuable life lessons. The beautiful surroundings and settings transgress from a wild countryside to a peaceful oasis.  The beauty of nature inspires a tranquility that can be felt not only by the characters, but also with the reader. Rusty's Chronicles leaves you with a "feel good" emotion.
The association with different characters contributes to a nurturing and loving reaction. The power to believe in one's ability provides a hopeful outlook. While life may be simple or complicated, the real strength is found within each of us. Rusty's Chronicles unleashes a powerful revelation. The journey can be yours to discover.

Rusty's Chronicles takes us on a journey visualizing life through the eyes of a lovable pup with each encounter allowing us to laugh, cry, or just give in to the warm fuzzy feeling of his innocence.

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Author Bio:

Sue Felder born in Fort Worth currently resides in Texas. She is a graphic designer utilizing creative concepts inspired by nature and her love for landscape/garden designs.

Sue Felder is the author of an inspirational fiction novel Rusty’s Chronicles. She is dedicated to helping others and strives to share her passion for finding peace and joy in life with others. Sue is blessed with a loving family, and friends.

The appreciation for mentors, teachers, and professors who inspired and ignited a passion for making a difference by allowing one's voice to be heard gives Sue a foundation. Her outlook on life provides a strong basis for the concept of being able to incorporate and share this gratitude.

Sue embraces each day with renewed hope, joy and passion. The simple things in life inspire and allow her to visualize and appreciate the beauty of all things. Her journey is one of providing strength, compassion, and a genuine interest to touch and make a difference in the lives of others.

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Posted August 2013
"Rusty’s Chronicles visualizes life through an innocent viewpoint allowing a pure clarity of experiences and growth. The beauty of nature enhances the incredible journey to allow readers to see, touch and feel each adventure. The humor of lessons learned through different experiences that Rusty encounters acknowledges a realism or believable association with the characters. Life through the eyes of a young puppy allows us to be a part of the journey, to feel the hot breath of the coyote on our neck, hearing our heart pounding surrendering to the power within to survive, conquering our fears.  Rusty’s Chronicles allows one to believe that whatever happens in life there is hope. The journey is enriching, humorous, and above all heartfelt as paw prints make an undeniable mark."

Posted July 2014
"An increasingly inspiring and heart warming first showing and hopefully indicative of more to come."

Posted Amazon Book Review July 2014 - Five Star Review
"This is a heartwarming story that leaves you with a smile and an escape to laughter. This novel helps the reader escape from life's daily stresses and find humor and simplicity in situations. This brave little pup provides the reader with a source of encouragement and persistence. As well as an owner with a sense of humor that makes lite out of sometimes not so ideal situations and trials as well as joys of having a puppy.

The book paints a visual for the reader that brings the natural beauty of life to the forefront of the reader's mind. The detail creates an appreciation for the simple beauty all around you that forget to appreciate."

Posted Amazon Book Review July 2014 - Five Star Review
"This is the delightful story of a journey through life as seen through the eyes of a small puppy. Through the humor and amusement of his predicaments, we refelect on areas of our own lives and experiences. His daily challenge of dealing with fear and his endless joy and enthusiasm is an inspiration to us all. The flexibility to provide strength and love IS possible afterall. It inspires us all to find peace and joy within.

Beautifully written and a joy to read."

Posted Amazon Book Review July 2014 - Five Star Review
"Rusty's story brings back all the fun of bringing a new puppy home, all the preparation and excitement. I especially enjoyed seeing the events through Rusty's eyes and nose. Sue Felder has captured the mind of an inquisitive pup. It is amazing to share his joys and adventures. What a fun story! Rusty's is one that all ages can enjoy, and I find myself recommending it to a variety of friends. It is a treat."

Posted on Amazon Book Review July 1, 2015- Five Star Review
"A very touching read that teaches you about your own life and challenges. I appreciated how creative and novel the story concept is. I love the authors writing style and look forward to reading more works by her."

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