Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Fairy Tree by Wendy L Schmidt

BLURB/DESCRIPTION: Violet is a little girl who loves talking to her goldfish, Gilda and reading mystery books. This summer she will stay at her Grandmother Lilly’s farm and learn the ways of country folk and fowl. But, Violet never expects to discover a mystery hidden in the middle of Gram's beautiful garden. Inside the knothole of an old Hawthorn tree, Violet finds magical things. But what do they mean and who is leaving them behind? She must follow all curious clues and solve the secret of, The Fairy Tree.

BIO: Wendy Schmidt is a native of Wisconsin. She has been writing short stories and poetry for the last ten years.  The Four C's; CAT, chocolate, coffee and computer are her chosen writing tools. Pieces have been published in Verse Wisconsin, Chicago Literati, City Lake Poets, Literary Hatchet, Moon Magazine and a number of other poetry and fiction anthologies. She is now the proud author of her first children’s book, The Fairy Tree. 

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