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Christmas In October - Oct 12

Relocated - Margaret Fieland
When fourteen-year-old Keth's dad is transferred to planet Aleyne, he doesn't know what to expect. Certainly not to discover Dad grew up here, and studied with Ardaval, a noted Aleyni scholar. On Aleyne, Keth’s psi ability develops. However, psi is illegal in the Terran Federation. After a dangerous encounter with two Terran teenagers  conflict erupts between Keth and his father. Keth seeks sanctuary with Ardaval.  Studying with the Aleyne scholar Keth learns the truth about his own heritage. After Keth's friend's father, Mazos, is kidnapped, Keth ignores the risks and attempts to free him. Little does he realize who will pay the cost as he becomes involved with terrorists.

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Not Long Ago - Susan A. Royal

Erin has met the man of her dreams, but as usual there are complications.  It’s one of those long distance relationships, and Griffin is a little behind the times-- somewhere around 600 years. 

In the middle of researching medieval British history for her employer’s next bestseller, Erin and March are transported to a time where chivalry and religion exist alongside brutality and superstition. Since women in the Middle Ages don’t wear trousers or have short hair, Erin is forced to pose as March’s nephew while they search for answers. 

When Erin finds employment as handsome Sir Griffin’s squire, she’s immediately attracted to him.  Something’s not quite right at the castle, and Erin and March feel sure mysterious Lady Isobeil is involved. But Erin must cope with crop circles, ghosts, a kidnapping and death before the truth of her journey is revealed.

While Erin struggles to survive in this harsh world, she grows to admire Sir Griffin’s courage, quiet nobility and devotion to duty, yet she must deny her feelings.  Her world is centuries away, and she wants to go home.  But, she can’t stop thinking about her knight in shining armor.   

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Courting the Flame - Diana DeCameron
Courting the Flame Tagline:
Uncovering a heartbreaking past life is one thing. Continuously choosing to relive it? Karmic hell.

Courting the Flame Blurb:
Gracie is rudderless since the recent death of her husband. Trusting to Fate and the flip of a coin, she returns to Boston, unsure of herself and what to do. She meets Chloe—an eccentric young artist with a vibrant personality—and they instantly click. But then there’s Michael…Gracie can’t explain the attraction between them, the way she’s always backing into him. The matter is compounded by the presence of her dearly departed Jonathan. He’s still there, and Gracie clings to his ghostly presence as if he were her lifeline. Without him, she can’t even sleep in a proper bed!
With the support of her new friends, Gracie begins to develop into a strong woman, each step taking her closer to Michael. Unwilling to let go, Jonathan grows increasingly abusive, threatening all the people that Gracie loves. It’s up to Gracie to uncover the truth about the invisible thread that binds them all together, and the ripple effect that perpetuating that thread has had on them all…before it’s too late

Diana DeCameron

Uncovering a heartbreaking past life is one thing.
Continuously choosing to relive it? Karmic hell.

Courting the Flame
By Diana DeCameron

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If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor - Barbara Ehrentreu

Carolyn Samuels is obsessed with the idea of being popular. She is convinced that the only thing keeping her from happiness is her too heavy for fashion body and not being a cheerleader. Hyperventilating when she gets nervous doesn’t help. When she is paired for a math project with the girl who tormented her in middle school, Jennifer Taylor, she is sure it is going to be another year of pain. With Carolyn’s crush on Jennifer’s hunky junior quarterback, Brad her freshman year in high school looks like a rerun of middle school. When Jennifer is the only student who knows why she fell in gym class, Carolyn is blackmailed into doing her math homework in return for Jennifer’s silence. Jennifer takes on Carolyn as a pity project since she can’t be seen with someone who dresses in jeans and sweatshirts. When Jennifer invites Carolyn to spend the night to make her over and teach her to tumble, Carolyn learns Jennifer’s secret and lies to her own friends to cover it up. Will Carolyn become a cheerleader and popular? Does she continue to keep Jennifer’s secret? Or will she be a target of this mean girl again?

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Jennifer Taylor 
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Summer of the Eagles - Ros Gemmell
Thirteen year old Stephanie (Stevie) loses her parents in a terrible accident, leaving her lame. Stevie’s dreams of running for Scotland are over and she vows never to love again. No longer able to cope with Stevie’s moods, Gran sends her to an aunt on a Scottish island.
Although Stevie gradually makes new friends and discovers an interest in the bird sanctuary, she soon falls into danger from two bird poachers intent on harming the eagles.
Karig, a strange boy in the hills, helps Stevie to heal. Does he have anything to do with the eagles or the painted rocks and legends of the island?
Summer of the Eagles is an adventure book with a slight fantasy element, for 10 to 14 year olds. It is also about loss and healing, bird protection, and friendship.

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