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Christmas In October - Oct. 8

Laurel's Miracle - Nancy Maria Bell
Laurel isn’t out to save the world, just her mom from cancer.

Have you ever wondered how you would handle it if your mom was terminally ill?  What if you were sent to stay with people you didn't even know in another country?
 Laurel is faced with both of these realities, what she really wants is a miracle.  She wants her mom to be cured of cancer. 
 Join Laurel as she searches for her miracle amidst the magic of the Cornish countryside.  She is aided by her new friends Coll, Gort, and Aisling and helped along in her quest by the creatures of legend and myth. They must battle the odds in the form of bullies and confusing clues. Will they emerge victorious?  Will Laurel have the courage to solve the riddle and make her miracle a reality? 
Find the answers in the pages of Laurel's Miracle.

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I am offering a PDF copy of Laurel's Miracle

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Goodbye Tchaikovsky - Michael Thal

A twelve-year-old violin virtuoso, David Rothman, is plunged into a deaf world, necessitating him to adapt to a new culture and language in order to survive.

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I am offering a copy of the book Goodbye Tchaikovsky 
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Death Runs in the Family - Heather Haven
  Lee Alvarez’ ex-husband, Nick -- a man she divorced with joy in her heart and a gun in her hand – sprints back in her life only to disappear again. She’d love to leave it at that, but could he be responsible for the recent death of her cousin, who keeled over at the finish line of a half-marathon in front of hundreds of spectators? As PI for the family run business, Discretionary Inquiries, Lee follows the clues to Vegas, where she joins forces with Shoshone PI, Flint Tall Trees.  Together they uncover a multi-million dollar betting syndicate, a tacky lounge lizard act, and a list of past but very dead runners, plus future ones to off. At the top of the ‘future’ list is the love of her life, Gurn Hanson. Hoping to force the culprits out in the open, Gurn and Lee’s brother, Richard, vow to run San Francisco’s famous Palace to Palace footrace in only a few days. Can Lee keep the two men she loves from hitting the finish line as dead as her cousin? With more at stake than she ever dreamed possible, Lee is in a battle against time to stop the Alvarez Family’s 12K race with death.

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I am thrilled to offer a copy of Death Runs in the Family 

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Geriatric Rebels - Roseanne Dowel
 Who says life begins at 40? Life is wonderful at any age, as long you're willing to live it. Elsa Logan and Mike Powell prove it. Forced to stay in a nursing home while undergoing therapy, seventy-two year old, Mike Powell  won't cooperate with the nurses, won’t take his medicine and refuses to get out of bed. At least not until he meets Elsa. The tiny, spunky little Elsa sparks new life into him.

Seventy year old, Elsa -left in the home while her son takes a family vacation - joins forces with Mike, setting the home on its heels, and later discovers deception and fraud. Can they find happiness together?

I am thrilled to give a copy of Geriatric Rebels!

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Billy Cooper's Awesome Nightmare, The Wickware Sagas  Penny Estelle

            Billy Cooper’s seventh grade class has been given a last minute, weekend assignment.  They must all draw a piece of paper out of a box and do an oral book report on the person or event that was drawn.  Billy draws the name, William Tell, whoever that is.
            He has a full weekend planned, but figures he will do a quick computer search and will be able to skate through on the assignment, still having plenty of time for his busy weekend.

            His outlook changes when he finds himself in the fourteenth century, standing in front of William Tell’s house.  Billy’s twentieth century style and lingo has William Tell thinking the lad a little unbalanced, but asks him if he would like to go along with him and his son to the town of Altdorf.  It is here; Billy learns just who William Tell is and why he is a legend.




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I am very excited to give a PDF copy of 
Billy Cooper's Awesome Nightmare 

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  1. All of those sound very interesting. I would love to toss my name into the drawing. As for my e-mail addy, it's attached to my profile.

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  2. These look great. I want in!

  3. These all look great. LAUREL'S MIRACLE and BILLY COOPER'S AWESOME NIGHTMARE are on my list of books to buy/read. This has been fun, stopping by your blog to learn about new books and authors.


  4. Oh my, my, my. I shouldn't have stopped here. I want them all. Oooh, so not nice to tempt me like this.
    Okay, all on my wish list for Christmas.

  5. I would love to win Laurel's Miracle as well as all the others!
    My mom does have cancer

  6. These sound interesting.


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