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Christmas In October - Oct 22

Vengeance is Sweet - Jo Ramsey
Vengeance Is Sweet
Vengeance demon Omara was created for one purpose: to enact vengeance on humans who have killed or harmed children or other innocents. She’s good at her job—as if she has a choice—but has a tendency to bend the rules.
That tendency lands Omara on probation. Stuck in human form, unable to even understand her native demonic language, Omara becomes the target for two of her fellow demons. Fortunately her friend Ghast rescues her. But the attempted attack is a symptom of something much larger: A battle is raging, not only in Hell but in all dimensions, between those who want to destroy New York City to teach humans a lesson and those who want to protect the humans.
When Omara returns to work, called back because half of the vengeance demons have been “terminated,” she is given the assignment to wreak vengeance on Alejandro Ruiz, a single father who allegedly caused his ex-wife’s suicide. The inconsistencies in the case lead Omara to believe Alejandro is innocent. But he’s been set up by those who want to destroy humanity, and proving his innocence could cost Omara everything.

I’ll be giving away a PDF of Vengeance Is Sweet.

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The Forest of Carren - Juls Duncan

Candy-cane-striped trees, ogres, and chameleon-dragon might seem like an adventure, but to Morgan Koda, it’s all about friendship.

Thirteen year old Morgan has unintentionally altered her time-line and that of her world and she will do anything to preserve it.
As her second school year starts, she must face her adversary, The Dark Emir, once again. He has kidnapped one of her best friends and holds him hostage in exchange for The Mask of Noesis and the restoration of their time-line.
But by resetting the time-line Morgan risks losing the one thing she has yearned for her whole life. On the other hand, surrendering the golden mask will give The Dark Emir the key to controlling her and their world.

Morgan Koda has no intention of doing his bidding, and there’s a little more than magic up her sleeve...

Check out the book trailers for books 1,2,3 on her blog.

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       I am offering an ebook of The Forest of Carren

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The Second Vendetta - Carl R. Brush
Not again.
It’s taken Andy Maxwell two summers—1908-1910—to help his family recover from the effects of the murderous attack on them and their Sierra Nevada Ranch. That vendetta nearly killed his mother, severely damaged barn, house, and livestock, and exhumed some long-buried family secrets—including the fact that his father was black. He’s had to alter his whole notion of who he is and where he came from. But now that he’s Shanghaied the vendetta’s perpetrator, nursed his mother back to health, and got the ranch operating again, he thinks he can return to grad school and pursue his history doctorate in peace.

Not so.
First of all, it turns out they don’t want a miscegenated mongrel in the University of California doctorate program. Just when he’s enlisted the eminent San Francisco journalist, Ambrose Bierce, to help him attack that problem, it turns out that the murderer’s Shanghai arrangement didn't stick. Michael Yellow Squirrel has returned for another try at eliminating every last Maxwell on earth. So much for school. Andy’s back to defending himself and his family against a savage and formidable enemy.

And then there’s the election.
Hiram Johnson is running as a reformer for California governor against the railroad barons and needs a Republican Assembly candidate from Andy’s district to replace the recently-deceased incumbent. Time is short. Andy’s a prominent rancher with name recognition among the local voters, and Johnson wants him on the ticket, but why would Andy make himself an easy target for his nemesis? The answer? The promise of a post-election appointment to the university board of regents where he could influence the policy that bars him from his dream of a place among the academics.

And then there are the women.
Andy’s just revived the relationship with the love of his life, the debutante daughter of a prominent, if corrupt, state senator, and that’s going pretty well. But an Arapaho princess he thought he’d left behind two years ago suddenly returns to threaten the new version of his old love.

So, Andy Maxwell, how are you going to deal with all these quandaries? My historical thriller, The Second Vendetta answers that question and many more with a tale-telling style that pulls readers into the book and doesn’t let them go till they’ve turned the last page, wishing there were more yet to turn.

 I am offering a PDF copy of The Second Vendetta

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