Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Christmas In October - Oct 24

Mirror, Mirror - Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz

            In this historical, time-travel romance, Lindsey Baker is thrust back to the 1400s against her will.  She is brought there by an old crone who is acting on behalf of Prudence, the love of Master Graham.  Unfortunately Graham’s father won’t let him marry Prudence, since she is only a maid in the household.  Since Lindsey looks like Prudence, the witch believes Lindsey can convince Graham to marry Prudence rather than follow his father’s wishes and marry Lady Marian, the burgher’s daughter.
            Lindsey is amazed at the conditions women are forced to endure.  She finds Prudence is uneducated and feels Graham is taking advantage of her low position in the household.  Although she is only there a few days, however, she begins to see why Prudence loves Graham and also that Graham does indeed love Prudence.
            Realizing the only way she can get back to her own time is to convince Graham to go against his father’s wishes, Lindsey plans and schemes. She talks to Graham’s father to no avail.  She finally comes to terms with the fact she may be stuck in the 1400s for the rest of her life.  She also realizes this might not be bad if she can be with Graham.
            Finally, she visits Lady Marian only to learn Marian does not want to marry Graham any more than he wants to marry her.  They come up with a plan for Lindsey to take Marian’s place at the wedding and for Marian to run off with the man she really does love.
            On the day of the wedding, Graham bursts into Marian’s room to confront her, telling her it is Prudence he loves and only Prudence he will marry.  What he doesn’t realize is Lindsey is the one in Marian’s wedding dress.  When Lindsey runs after Graham, she trips, falls, and once again finds herself back in her own time.
            A knock at the door.  Lindsey opens it to find Officer Graham checking on her.  It doesn’t take Lindsey long to notice how much Officer Graham looks and acts like Master Graham of the 1400s.

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The Chosen - Andrea Buginsky

Halli is a shy, young dwarf who has no idea of her true calling. When the evil Prince Gastle sets out to detroy the world of Phantasma, Queen Laurali of the Elves comes to tell Halli she's a Holy Paladin with the power to heal, and will join The Chosen, a group of brave warriors being sent to defeat the evil beast and save Phantasma. Will Halli be accepted by her group, and be able to keep them alive through their adventures? Will the evil Prince Gastle be defeated, freeing Phantasma from his destruction? Only time will tell.

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Undead On Arrival - Justin Robinson

Today is the last day of Glen Novak’s life.

Five years after the end of the world, the few remaining humans are barricaded in a small vacation town on the California coast, beset by hordes of the undead.

A single bite turns a man into a walking corpse. There’s no cure and no hope.

Someone made sure Novak was bitten and now he has one day to put things in order, protect his people and, most importantly, exact revenge.


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